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December 25, 2009 An Open Letter to the Democrats in Congress,


In response to your Christmas Health Insurance Reform:


When this healthcare debate began I supported it, but experience is the best teacher. I have been without health insurance and have had Cadillac Plans, I have had Medical, Medicare and ChampVA.My husband is 100% service connected and receives all of his healthcare at the San Francisco VA Medical Clinic.Because the VA is held up as the best example of Socialized Medicine I would like to share some of our personal experiences with the VA.Recently, when Davidís blood pressure dropped to 64/32 I made an appointment with his primary care provider, Kristen Weaver. Because I am about an hour from a first responder, I continued to monitor his blood pressure, it came up within a few minutes so I knew there was no medical emergency but also know he should be seen.The first thing she discussed with us was advanced directives.Because you, Congress have dictated that annually this be discussed with the patients.No death panels here.She advised him that his blood pressure drop was probably medication related and told him to keep hydrated and sit down and put his feet up when it happens again.He then went to pick up his travel pay.He was hassled by the clerk in Member Services because he can only be paid to the nearest clinic for his primary care.We cannot go to the nearest clinic in Chico, CA because they refuse to allow service dogs.Most of these clinics are full and havenít accepted new patients in years.The only constant in Davidís health care has been his primary care provider, first Mary Hansen and then when she retired, Kristen Weaver.We spoke to Owetdia Dupree, the Customer Service representative and she said that Congress had dictated this and their software would not allow them to override it.I try to coordinate as many appointments as possible but there are times when these appointments cannot be coordinated on the same day.We were assured by Congressmen Doolittle and McClintock that he would be allowed to continue his care at San Francisco and he would receive his travel compensation.I hate to drive the five hours each way to and from San Francisco, as a matter of fact I hate the whole city, but because of Davidís healthcare I drive it.The following week David had an appointment in the Parkinsonís Clinic.The same clerk hassled me asking where Berry Creek is and demanding to know if David was referred there.The San Francisco VAMC has the Parkinsonís Clinic where my husband has been seen for the last few years.It only took about five years to diagnose what is now recognized as an Agent Orange service connected disease, which we now know began when his jaw started dislocating almost daily in the summer of 1999.We were living in Boulder Creek at the time and I took him to the Palo Alto clinic where they misdiagnosed him with Munchausen Syndrome.Even though David has had 10 surgeries on his jaw, and has been advised not to have any more surgeries on his jaw, the Palo Alto clinic wanted to call in a surgeon and not medicate David for his jaw until the surgeon came in six hours later.When I arrived they had him so medicated on other drugs he was hallucinating.When I left the night before they had scheduled him for an upper GI that morning.So they fed him a full breakfast.You canít do an upper GI on a full stomach.I took David AMA and took him to my private doctor.She treated him then we were told David was disrupting her practice and we could no longer be treated there.She said he was a drug addict and should be on methadone.She also notified the local hospital not to treat him claiming he was a drug addict.He is and was not.So he went back to San Francisco and there he will stay.I would happily leave California, where we were born but we are tethered to the San Francisco VA Medical Center.Even once David was being seen in the Parkinsonís clinic, with each change in doctor there was a change in medication.One doctor decided he didnít have Parkinsonís, discontinued all his medication, he got worse so I demanded a new doctor and David resumed his medication, the doctor changed the new doctor discontinued the medication and we started all over again.We now have him on a medication regime that seems to be working.He just got a new Parkinsonís doctor.It must be difficult enough not being able to control your movement without having to know your own government caused it.


In the twelve years we have been married In addition to the misdiagnosis of Munchausení Syndrome David has been misdiagnosed with a pituitary adenoma (a brain tumor), when David had an allergic reaction to an injection the doctor grabbed him and demanded to know what was going on.I didnít know the name of the medication (the doctor didnít check the computer records) but Davidís lips were swelling and his jaw had gone out.I had to demand he give David, Benadryl and the Chief of Oral Surgery, Rebeka Silva took us up to the dental clinic to medicate him so he could get his jaw back in.Like many people David suffers from ďWhite Coat SyndromeĒ, his blood pressure is normal at home but elevated at the doctors.The AMA issued new guidelines and Davidís PCP suggested he go on blood pressure medicine.After about six months during his appointment she sent him out of the room.She turned to me and said ďYou want to know how much of a burden he is going to become.ĒI responded ďNo, I want to know who is going to drive him here when I can no longer do it.ĒHe barely spoke to me and one day his blood pressure dropped and he almost passed out.I told him to discontinue his blood pressure medicine until Monday when I could contact his PCP.That was on a Friday afternoon.By Sunday he was a different person, talking and joking, more like his old self.I am told this is a known side effect and it makes me wonder how many ďAlzheimerísĒ patients are really victims of over medication and medication related known side effects.

When David ruptured his appendix he was treated on an emergency basis at our local one star hospital.They took out his gallbladder and left his appendix in.When he was hospitalized at the San Francisco VAMC for a misdiagnosed ruptured appendix his jaw went out.Unable to talk, he called me on the cell phone where I was able to make out that the nurses were laughing at him and wouldnít give him the medication that he requires to get his jaw back in.The medication his primary care provider assured him was in the computer and well documented and that he would have no problems.I was half way home when I turned around and went back to San Francisco with the medication he needed.When I complained, I was told I was jeopardizing his healthcare.So I complained louder.I then spent the next three days living in my car with two dogs, in the parking lot of the San Francisco VA Hospital.In all fairness to the VA they did save his life.However, because he had to be stabilized before they could remove his appendix, the admitting doctor told us not to allow the surgeon to do a laparoscopic appendectomy because he would have complications.The surgeon believed she knew best and performed the surgery laparoscopic and after they released him David hemorrhaged and had to be taken to the nearest VA hospital in Sacramento where he was infused with two pints of blood.And of course he got an intestinal infection because of it.

The VA has through the years diagnosed David with Hepatitis C and gave him six months to live.That was over 13 years ago.When he was diagnosed with Malaria in his spleen when he reported to a private hospital with 108 degree temperature, the VA said it was not service connected.They said he could have contracted Malaria anywhere.Like Malaria is real common in the United States.The only place he could have contracted Malaria was in the military. Of course these issues put my health at risk.My husband is only one example and I have heard similar stories from other patients and their families.Please tell me what a shining example of healthcare the VA is.

When my father was dying of cancer he went to the VA.After telling him he had six months to live they gave him 30 Valium.They refused to refill it.Instead they told my sister, our fatherís caregiver, that they didnít want our father addicted to Valium.My God, who cares if you are addicted when you die?Is it really going to make a difference or is it just a way of controlling costs?The VA does have the ability to address Veteranís Issues with a different understanding of the problems they face.They understand Gulf War Syndrome, Agent Orange and PTSD in a way that is not understood by the private sector.Just to show you how well they understand PTSD, they saturate the staff of the San Francisco VAMC, with Vietnamese.Keep in mind this is a facility that treats a large number of Viet Nam Theater Veterans.I guess they are trying to treat these soldiers with desensitization.Itís no wonder many Veterans refuse to go to the VA.The VA does have many good and caring doctors, and they have just as many arrogant med school graduates that think they know everything yet (like the Democrats in Congress) know nothing and are blinded by their own ignorance and ambition.


When a Veteranís spouse reaches Medicare age, they are no longer allowed to be treated at the VA clinic.This results in seniors, usually at their most vulnerable state, needing continuity of care, forced to change doctors.If they can find a doctor that will accept Medicare.

The problem is not medical insurance it is bad doctors and over prescribed medication.Itís doctors that remove the wrong organ or the wrong appendage and continue to practice medicine.Itís a system that labels valid medical malpractice cases as frivolous when the doctorís insurance lawyer overwhelms the plaintiffís lawyer. Itís tactical delays and evidentiary dismissals because it is not in the right format or presented by the right professional.Yes the VA should be a shining example, an example of what not to do.


Frankly I donít know why anyone, especially those who fought so hard to free themselves from slavery are willing to sell themselves right back into slavery just to have medical insurance.I have Champ VA and Medicare but neither is worth the paper it is written on.When I tried to find a doctor that would accept my insurance most of the doctors said no, they werenít taking new patients.The only doctor I could find who would take my insurance was in Susanville, a three hour drive.I keep him for emergencies only.


If you want to know what government ran healthcare looks like just look to the Reservations.Another shining example of Socialized Healthcare.


A few years ago when I was uninsured I became sick with a sore throat and a fever.I couldnít get a doctor to see me because I had no insurance nor the $150 for a new patient.I remembered something my brother told me.He told me if I ever found myself in the place where I needed medicine to go down and buy horse antibiotics.Well, I didnít know where to get equestrian medicine so I went down to my local pet store and bought fish tetracycline.It cost me less than $5 and in a couple of days I was well.Most people go to doctors to get a prescription. With the internet, WebMD, the Mayo Clinic website and others the information to self diagnose is readily available.For most problems that is all that is needed.If medication were available without a prescription it would reduce the workload on doctors and free them up to treat sick people who really need to see them.This would reduce cost and encourage people to take personal responsibility for their own health.I have asthma and should be able to buy a rescue inhaler without a prescription.And please donít tell me I have to be on steroids.Just listen to the potential side effects.I avoid the doctors after years of being told I was clinically depressed and medicated by doctors who donít know the difference between clinical and situational depression.I spent years suicidal as a result of those doctor prescribed antidepressants.Everybody I knew from my daughters, sisters, brother, coworkers were taking antidepressants.The ages ranged from my niece in her teens to a 72 year old coworker, everyone was taking Paxil, Prozac and Welbuterin.It was not until I had a full blown seizure that I realized that the doctors might not know what they were talking about.It is easier to control a population that is controlled by drugs.I refuse to take any of these drugs and I am no longer depressed.Like most seniors I trusted doctors.I remember Dr. Reardon coming to our house over fifty years ago when my mother was sick.Now, if you are lucky you get 10 minutes of a doctorís time and a prescription and ushered out so they can see the next patient.The only knowledge of the medications they prescribe is the sales pitch, insert information which they donít have time to read and the samples the pharmaceutical salesman provides.Itís not insurance reform we need, itís not healthcare reform, itís preventing bad doctors from practicing bad medicine.We have a three strikes law for criminals but not for bad doctors.As long as they can pay for their insurance they can keep taking the wrong organs.So target bad doctors and Medical Malpractice reform instead of destroying the entire healthcare system and collapsing the economy.


My cousin died last August.He had Medicare and Medicare supplement insurance.He went to the doctorís for about a year before they finally diagnosed him with liver cancer.He died three months later.My brother saw his doctor for a routine colonoscopy.He was told to return in three years.He did.By then it was too late.He died with a colostomy bag a few years later.My mother died of Congestive Heart Failure three days after the doctor told her she had recovered and was fine.These people all had health insurance and they all died.Health Insurance isnít the fountain of youth and will not prevent anybody from dying contrary to what the Democrats keep telling everyone.


When I was five years old I would go to the grocery store and compute the bill.Rarely was I off more than a penny.The difference being in taxes so numbers have to make sense to me.At thirteen I had an I.Q. of 165 and when I had my last I.Q. test about twenty years ago, my doctor said the results showed I was in the 85th percentile.So I know I am not a stupid person but there is no way I can see this so called healthcare reform doing anything but destroying the economy and the healthcare system we currently have.The numbers donít add up.Obama has said there are 45 million uninsured which he revised to 30 million.The CBO says there will still be 15 to 20 million uninsured.So you want to spend over a trillion dollars to cover 15 million people.It would be better to do nothing.As bad as it is, America still has the best healthcare in the world.It seems to anyone watching from the outside that this is a deliberate plan to destroy the very foundation of this nation.I am an Independent voter.I will wait and see if the Tea Party takes off as a real party.Contrary to what you think this is not ďAstroturfĒ, this is your constituency telling you that you refuse to listen and are not representing us the way you said you would.We voted for you, we will vote you out.You keep saying the Republicans donít have a leader.John Boehner and Michael Steel are emerging leaders.Itís the Democratic Party that is floundering in the cesspool of ignorance.This Democrat Socialist Monstrosity only makes sense to someone who is delusional.Perhaps we need psychiatric evaluation of all the members of the government and drug testing too.Congress is so worried if Barry Bonds used steroids and want random drug tests for athletes and children to participate in school activities, we Americans want drug testing for Congress.


I canít close with respect, I have lost my respect for most of Congress,



April 2, 2009


It has been a while since I had time to visit this webpage.  I didnít realize how long.

I would like to introduce you to Octobama.



With a world spinning out of control

Let me suckle you to my bosom

I will caress your needs while I pick your pocket

you'll never know

Just ignore the blood dripping from my hands

I have my eyes on your money.

I'm watching out for you.

Never mind that I am trampling on the dollar, democracy, capitalism, freedom and the Constitution.

Only I can ease your suffering.

After all, I'm Octobama!


I have lived my life.  These are my views based upon my experience.  Perhaps someone else would feel different.  Don't judge me until you walk a mile in my moccasins.  It should be noted that my sister calls me periodically and checks to see that I am still alive.  She is convinced I will be assassinated for my views.  But like so many before me I must speak the truth.  In another country I might be imprisoned for my views.  If Obama getís elected, I still may.  His policies are socialistic.  He has already tried to control free speech and is now attacking FOX news.


October 26, 2008

Here is a scary thought.  If Obama gets elected and something happens to him Nancy Pelosi will be next in line for VP.  Is freedom of speech dead? 

When a Barbara West a reporter from WFTV Chanel 9 in Florida the station received the following regarding any further interviews with Biden

Obama campaign cuts off WFTV after interview with Joe Biden

WFTV-Channel 9's Barbara West conducted a satellite interview with Sen. Joe Biden on Thursday. West asked about Sen. Barack Obama's comment, to Joe the Plumber, about spreading the wealth. She quoted Karl Marx and asked how Obama isn't being a Marxist with the "spreading the wealth" comment.

"Are you joking?" said Biden, who is Obama's running mate. "No," West said.

West later asked Biden about his comments that Obama could be tested early on as president. She wondered if the Delaware senator was saying America's days as the world's leading power were over.

"I don't know who's writing your questions," Biden shot back.

Biden so disliked West's line of questioning that the Obama campaign canceled a WFTV interview with Jill Biden, the candidate's wife.

"This cancellation is non-negotiable, and further opportunities for your station to interview with this campaign are unlikely, at best for the duration of the remaining days until the election," wrote Laura K. McGinnis, Central Florida communications director for the Obama campaign.

McGinnis said the Biden cancellation was "a result of her husband's experience yesterday during the satellite interview with Barbara West."

Here's a link to the interview:

WFTV news director Bob Jordan said, "When you get a shot to ask these candidates, you want to make the most of it. They usually give you five minutes."

Jordan said political campaigns in general pick and choose the stations they like. And stations often pose softball questions during the satellite interviews.

"Mr. Biden didn't like the questions," Jordan said. "We choose not to ask softball questions."

Jordan added, "I'm crying foul on this one."

What did you think of the interview?

The Obama doesnít have a problem giving interviews with MSNBC with all their slanted interviews.  What is the Obama campaign afraid Joe Biden will tell you, the truth?


October 19, 2008

Why do we need ACORN when you can pick up a voter registration form at any Post Office?  Wouldnít a public service announcement be cheaper than the voter registration campaign and fraud?

Some important web-links to share with you:


Rally Congress and have your voice heard.


If you want to hear Obama in his own words.  Not the political spin but what he really said.


I donít know how you feel about ACORN but Republican or Democrat you should be up in arms with what has happened in Ohio, Nevada, Michigan, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Florida, California etc.  In all told there are twelve critical ďswingĒ states where there are allegations of voter registration fraud.  In Nevada, the FBI has seized their records.  In Ohio there is said to be 200,000 suspected questionable forms out of 666,000.  Interesting number.  But more than that they are said to have use strong arm tactics to force bankers to make many of the loans that led to the mortgage meltdown.  Follow the money trail and it leads back to Obama, Dodd, Franks, Pelosi.  Even though we have told Congress we want to Drill Here Drill Now it is said that a Democratic lead Congress will overturn their recent decision.


Tax Payers for Common Sense


Institute for Energy Research


Do you want to compare the record of John McCain to Obama?


Are you tired of the political calls?  You can register to Stop the Political Calls.


Here is a good one to protect our vote from organizations like ACORN.  Sign the petition at Defend My Vote.


And you might like The Right Change


I donít know how you feel about this but I think itís disgusting.  If it were a Republican doing this, the Democrats would be up in arms.  Talk about a double standard.


Farrakhan on Obama: "The Messiah is absolutely speaking".


What about Jeremiah Wright?


Bill Ayers


Father Pflager


Tony Rezko  by the way did you see Obamaís House?


Senator Obamaís Redistribution of wealth sounds familiar..


October 18, 2008


I supported Senator Clinton but the more I looked into the politics of the Democratic Party the less I like.  I watched the disparity of mainstream media.  But I listened to Senator Clinton and I investigated myself.  What came out in the primary should not be overlooked.  Bill Ayers and the ACORN connection should not be overlooked the way the mainstream media is doing.  Along with the Pelosi, Dodd and Frank, ACORN and Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae connections.   Ohio is a prime example of the attempt to undermine the Constitution and fix the race.  Will we have the Republic of Obama a Socialist country?  Where is the millions for his campaign coming from?  It's hard to believe anyone can raise that much money when even the Red Cross is struggling.  I watched Colin Powell endorse Obama.  I heard that on the news weeks ago.  The only news would be if he supported McCain.  He was wrong on Bush, he was wrong on Chaney, he was wrong on WMDs.  That's three for three, why should we believe he would be right on Obama?  Voting for a man because of his race is as wrong as voting against a man for his race.  Or his or her gender.  This election should not be about gender or race.  It should be about qualifications.  It should be about National Security, Economic Security and Energy Security not Social Welfare.  As a person on a fixed income I could use another Stimulus Package but I would rather see the economy recover and free enterprise work.  I lived through the Cold War, and don't want to live in a Socialist Country.  I was taught to work for what I got, not expect my neighbor to support me.  Even Donald Trump said Obama would lead us into a depression.  Yes the Donald used the dreaded "D" word.  I hope people wake up, before it is too late.


October 12, 2008


With his entourage Obama looks more like a prize fighter than a politician.  Does he have any white bodyguards?  Perhaps it is Obama himself that engenders racism.  I have had people who told me they would vote for Colin Powel or Condoleezza Rice say they wouldn't vote for that (fill in the blank), and others who said they would vote for Obama "to shake things up" but I have never had anybody tell me what Obama stands for or would do.  His surrogates when asked always go on the defensive rather than explain his policies.  I would like to send Obama a box of Acorns.  In this day and age if we don't get this fully resolved, the election and our whole process will be called into question.  If McCain wins the Obama supporters will claim racism and if Obama wins the McCain supporters will rightfully call the votes into question.  Maybe this is why we have an

Electoral College.


October 10, 2008


The only real way to stabilize the economy is to start with energy.  OPEC wants to reduce supply.  Russia and Venezuela have aligned.  While the mortgage meltdown may have been the match that lit the fire, fuel prices were the spark that lit the match.


October 9, 2008


No matter what happens in this election, I see Sarah Palin as the first woman president.  I would like to work on her campaign when She does.  John McCain should to bring up ACORN and the Democratic affiliation to it.  He should  return the money he took from Freddie and Fannie and challenge Obama to do so.  McCain only has a few thousand to loose and I am sure this would bring in more contributions.  We must demand observers at all polling places that ACORN registered and an accurate validation of all new registered voters in those areas.  Even if it means the Registrar of Voters has to work overtime phone calling every new voter.  This is too important to our country.  Polls can be slanted by calling voters predominantly registered for one party or the other.  I have had pollsters who told me I couldn't be included because I was Native American.  I have even had them hang up when I said I was voting for the Republican candidate.  Keep pushing.  People need to know the Democratic connection to Obama and the economic meltdown.  I believe most people would have tried to keep their homes but when gas prices skyrocketed they could no longer afford food and milk for their children, gas to get to work or the doctor and their mortgage.  And the first thing to go is the mortgage.  Granted, the mortgage mess began in the 1970s with Fannie and Freddie and was exacerbated by a Democratic Congress who put their head in the sand and refused to acknowledge what was going on.  In 2001 Bush called it, but Congress refused to do anything about it.  In 2003 Greenspan testified before Congress and Barnie Franks refused to believe Greenspan preferring instead to listen to his lover.  But energy and particularly gas prices was the spark that ignited the match that started the forest fire.  Americans need to be reminded we have had 9-11, hurricane Katrina and Ike, the bridge collapse in Minnesota, and the California wildfires during the Bush administration.  I don't support Bush anymore but I do realize these things were all paid for with federal dollars.  And while I don't care who sleeps with who, (Franks) this was an obvious conflict of interest and I don't want my tax dollars paying for it.


October 9, 2008


John McCainís Captivity


The MSNBC story which showed John McCainís captor claiming he and John McCain were friends and had heated discussions.  John McCain had every bone in his body broke by this man.  It would be like getting the guy who sexually molested David with a cattle prod to say it didn't happen or David asked him to do it.  Or my ex-husband who tortured me for five and a half years to say we were happily married and we never argued.  By giving this man a platform for his lies, he might as well have given Hitler or Kim Jung Il a platform.  He is validating him and calling John McCain a liar.  Obama has lied throughout the campaign.  His record shows the truth.  But his rhetoric, which is all the average American sees appears believable.  Look into Tony Rezco, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Father Pflagger and their views.  Then look into ACORN and it's voter registration fraud.  This is an organization that Obama represented, worked for and even trained employees.  He was given something like $6 Billion to disburse by Ayers.  This is his only executive experience but he has tried to hide it.  Money that would go to ACORN was added to the economic bailout package.  Even some Democrats are up in arms about this and are trying to prevent it.  In one county in Nevada ACORN registered 1800 voters.  Only 6 were valid.  The FBI has seized their record.  But news programs like Brian Williams and MSNBC have anointed Obama and they slant their reporting that way.  Like Sean Hannity says "Journalism is dead in America".  I have known about these affiliations for over a year because I watch FOX news, but mainstream media refuses to cover these stories.  They dismiss the connection to Ayers.  Obama said Jeremiah Wright was his spiritual mentor.  I heard it but now he denies that.  He said he sat in his church for twenty years but didn't hear his rhetoric.  I guess he slept through church for twenty years.  In 3 years Obama received $185,000 from Freddie and Fannie.  He was the second or third highest recipient.  He has taken billions in earmarks.  He proposes $10 Billion in additional spending but has no idea how to pay for it.  As far as things he is willing to give up because of the economic crisis, none of them.  He thinks early childcare is one of his most important projects for taxpayers to pay for.  I think Hillary told the truth during the primary but is being forced by the party for her political career to endorse him.  He has spent most of his career running for office and rarely gives an up or down vote except to return to Washington to vote against funding for armoring vehicles for our troupes.  On one interview, he said he was glad they were not holding his "Muslim religion" and then he corrected himself and said "I mean my Christian religion against me."  A Freudian slip.  Or something more.  He said it, I didn't.  I know he was registered in school as a Muslim, but he denied it until the records were produced.  I don't think what his grandmother did, in registering him in school should be held against him but lying about it should.  To me, he is beginning to come across as I am black, I am entitled and you owe me.  I would rather be labeled racist than vote for Obama.  Obama doesn't support drilling but instead is shoving solar, bio-fuel, and CNG down our throats.  Things that Democrats are highly invested in.  It is like the oil companies supporting oil.  CNG won't work unless we can develop a way to deliver it.  Right now the cars go about 40 miles on a tank of gas and it takes overnight to fill them.  Then you have the environmentalists to contend with.  That could delay any project twenty to thirty years.  His energy program is research and development and would not get us off foreign oil in ten years.


October 2, 2008


Economic Bailout


Not only no, but hell no.  Not with all the crap that has been added on.  I fail to see what insurance companies being required to pay mental health benefits has to do with economic recovery.  Unless it is because we are going to need mental health care because of this mess.  We shouldn't be guaranteeing tax credits to the Wool Research Center or the manufacture of wooden arrows for children.  Children shouldn't be playing with wooden arrows.  These are the few issues that have been reported in the media.  How much more is hidden in the 420 page text?  Tax extenders should be on a separate bill.


Further more shutting down the House or the Senate for a religious holiday, be it Jewish or Christian or whatever should be considered a Separation of Church and State issue and should be abolished.  I have never been more disgusted with my government than I am right now.  The only thing worse will be if we elect another predominately Democratic Congress and Obama as President.  If we do that, God help us all.


September 27, 2008


John McCain says the economy isn't his strong point but he has a better understanding of the economy than Obama does.  As someone who tried to start a small business I found out that without seed money you can't get a small business loan.  This knocks out most of the people he wants to give tax breaks to so they can "start small businesses."  I have seen reports that say more than 60% of all small businesses fail within the first five years.  So Obama wants again to give tax breaks to the people who are more apt to as Jeff Foxworthy says buy lottery tickets and collector plates than start a business.  I might add, these are the people who are the least likely to understand starting a small business or the responsibilities of meeting a payroll.  I noticed while John McCain immediately returned to Washington, Obama had to be invited to do his job.  But the Democrats used this against McCain saying it was a political move.  Since when is doing your job political?  What are taxpayers paying him for?  Obviously, if he doesn't want to do the job of Senator, he should resign.  If he were to be elected President, he would start running for King or God.  I also noticed when McCain left the White House, he returned to his car, he and Obamaís entourage returned to the limousine.  McCain left the debate to return to Washington, Obama to return to his hotel because he was tired. 


McCain understands energy, nuclear and solar and the drawbacks of solar and battery technology because Arizona uses this technology.  Obama only has a vague understanding of the theory.  There is a big difference between theory and application.  I have watched this economic meltdown and predicted it five years ago.  I don't disregard the corruption in Wall Street, Government and Banking Industries, but we could have forestalled or averted the meltdown if we would have taken control of our oil prices and energy.  Instead we suckled at OPEC's teat, subsiding our enemies and draining our wallets and ultimately our economy.  We borrow from countries without basic human rights that continues to poison its people as well as the environment.  No wonder we didn't boycott the Olympics as we should have.


I know from experience, when you can't afford gas to get to work, or food due to trickle down price increases, then your mortgage is the first to go.  You think I will catch up next week.  But next week never comes because next week always brings higher gas prices and food prices.  Then you get hit with higher home heating and cooling costs and you begin to ask when the vortex will stop.  Most Americans are a pay check away from this scenario, or an illness, or an appliance or automobile repair bill.  And then you watch as the USWFS demands California Red Legged Frog assessments before you can proceed with an electric transmission extension.  My sister tells me of a friend who wanted to put in a wind generator in the Mojave Desert but was denied permits.  The Kennedys' want to force us to use alternate technology but don't want their view destroyed in the process.  The typical do as I say not as I do, and not in my neighborhood attitude.  Solar energy rebates, like the Bears in Montana, grape genetic research, alternate uses for tobacco and encouraging more wood use are earmarks must be stopped.   Examining the habitat for every insect, bird, plant etc. is not an efficient expenditure of tax dollars.  Nor is fighting frivolous lawsuits brought by the Center for Bio-Diversity but it is better than capitulating on every potential endangered species.  The Endangered Species Act needs to be overturned in order for any of the energy independent ideas to work.  We can't afford ten years of environmental reports before we begin to drill, built electric plants or hydro-electric generation facilities.  CNG won't work until we have a delivery infrastructure.  As it stands, we can't build the infrastructure until we get the Environmental Impact Reports.  Millions of tax dollars wasted.  Eventually most projects are completed.  I have no problem with making sure nuclear plants are not built on fault lines but other than something critical to protect the installation, then forget about the EPA.  Who cares if a spider is killed in the process.  I agree no subsidies to ethanol or any other biofuel.  We don't need to be butting food into our gas tanks when there is a better alternative.


And now we have Putin offering nuclear capabilities to Chavez and replacing weapons in Nicaragua.  How much did China and Russia have to do with the economic meltdown, behind the scenes so Putin could expand his empire to South America?  This may sound paranoid but they are sure taking advantage of this worldwide distraction.


Unlike the Democrats, I don't believe it is the government's duty to support me or create jobs.  I want my government first of all to keep me safe.  Then to build my infrastructure.  Then to stay out of my business.


It is obvious we need to bail out the banking industry.  But fire Cox, Paulson and Bernanke.  They have obviously been sleeping through this last few years.  They should be considered the Exxon ship captain of the economy.  Bring back Greenspan to consult on the project.  This will instill some confidence.


I applaud Senator McCain and his actions.


On a side note, I realize the Senate is part of Congress, but when Obama said he was elected to Congress, he would have been better saying he was elected to the Senate.  That is why they call him a Senator and not a Congressman.  The news media's disgusting display of criticism of Governor Palin should be seen for what it is, they can't criticize on issues so they attack her personally.  Governor Palin's photograph in high heels and a bathing suit is not newsworthy, now Joe Biden in the same outfit would be.  If the voters are foolish enough to elect Obama, they deserve what they get, but unfortunately it effects those of us who actually vote the issues.


Sept 26, 2008


I want my President working on the economy and believe both candidates should "suspend" their candidacy until this financial situation is resolved.  Regardless of who is elected they should both be involved.  But Obama doesn't seem to think he is needed.  If he doesn't think he is needed in the Senate then he should resign.  Tax payers shouldn't pay the salary of someone who doesn't want to work.  His voting record indicates that he doesn't want to commit on anything.  He should give back the $85 million he got from the mortgage institutes.  I will not vote for Barack Obama, I don't believe he has the record nor the judgment to be my president.  I do not support him on his economic, social or environmental issues.  I have requested I be removed from your email list, I got on it when I asked a question regarding so called "clean coal".  I never got any answers, only spammed with political fundraising.  As far has his church, and Jeremiah Wright, I would have had more respect if he would have said he slept through service.  I was leaning toward voting Democrat for the other positions but I am voting straight Republican especially after what Nancy Pelosi has said and done.  The Democratic Party has become nothing but a bunch of eco-terrorists, holding the Senate hostage.  The word traitor comes to mind.  Drilling and becoming energy independent is a matter of national security but Obama is too ignorant to realize that.  He hasn't lived on Solar energy so he doesn't know what it is like.  You have to have some experience in what you are talking about and Barack Obama has none.


September 25, 2008


Yesterday Nicaragua announced that Russia is replacing their weapons including SAM 7, the hand held surface to air missiles we are trying so desperately to keep out of the hands of terrorists.  It seems like this military buildup is being done while the world's attention is diverted to the US economy.  So very little attention is being paid to this critical issue.  Our troops are stretched to their limit or at least that is what the media have reported, we no longer have a draft to draw upon if something happens.  Putin has concerned me ever since he suspended free elections in response to the school shooting.  I thought then that he wanted to rebuild the USSR and he sees the US as weak.  His recent actions lead me to believe he is very dangerous, and would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons on us just because he doesn't like what we say.  He is ex-KGB.  Like First Special Forces, there is no ex.  We need to normalize or improve relations with the South American countries, stop building a Berlin style wall between Mexico and work with our southern neighbors including Cuba.  For our own National Security.  After all the biggest separation between boarders is the Oceans. We have a better chance of protecting our continent by working together than protecting one individual nation.


September 19, 2008


Do the Obamas really have a clue about the economy?  According to Michelle, Barrackís idea is to expand paid family leave.  She says parents should have the right (to take time off from work paid) to take their children trick-or-treating.  Or to (I believe it was) a soccer game, go to PTA meetings or take their child to a doctor.  First of all, the doctor was the last item mentioned, therefore carries the least importance.  When I grew up, it was the employeeís responsibility to work to get paid.  No one disagrees with the importance of taking care of an ill family member.  And this is what paid family leave should be about, not bonding with a new baby or taking them trick-or-treating.  While I donít dispute the need to raise our children, every woman should work for her own self respect as well as her financial security.  Too often the homemaker finds herself middle aged, single and unable to manage their finances.  One friend confided that when her husband died she didnít even know how to write a check.  However, if a woman chooses to take time from her job to have an extended vacation with her child then she should not expect her employer to pay her to do so.  Nor should she expect her employer to hold her job for her.  If she (or he) canít or wonít do the job preferring instead to take time off at every runny nose, every school activity or bonding opportunity, she (or he) should resign and allow someone who wants to work to fill that position.  This benefits employers as well as potential employees.  And keeps our economy growing.  No one should have a guaranteed job for life including politicians, judges, postal workers, etc.  Employment should be based upon performance not on guarantees. 


I am a woman who believes we should abolish child support laws.  Every woman (or man) has an equal opportunity to make something of themselves.  Child support too often goes to the custodial parent for vacations and luxuries including drugs and alcohol while denying the child.  Mothers often send their children to their fatherís expecting the father (and sometimes the mother) to buy new clothes in addition to paying child support.  When illness forces the non-custodial parent to miss payments the custodial parent turns the issue over to government agencies which take their drivers license away therefore preventing employment and worsening the situation.  I have known several fathers that this has happened to and now they canít make a living because if they could get a job they couldnít get to work.  Some of these men were truck drivers.  The agency took away their ability to make a living.  So the lazy mother gets welfare and socialized medicine. 

At the tax payersí expense.   And the sad thing is the mentality perpetuates itís self.  I saw one news story where a woman said the tax payers should pay her to stay home and raise her children.  The taxpayers were then sending her to Stanford, on Public Assistance.  This is the kind of abuse we need to stop.


Now Barrack thinks in order to stabilize our economy we should consult with world leaders.  This shows weakness.  The world is looking at us to lead and that is what we must do.  Barrack wants to force an economic stimulus package onto any legislation that stabilizes the banking industry.  The last one didnít work, what makes him think this one would?  He wants the changes we make to be temporary and to eventfully turn back control to the same entities that created the mess we are in.  He needs to wake up and realize the oil industry started the degradation of the housing market.  Until we stabilize this segment of the economy we will never be able to fully stabilize the economy.  This is the real basis of trickledown economics.  Barrack wants to increase taxes and paid leave on the small business.  Most small business fail within the first five years.  Under Obamaís plan they wonít make it that long.


This is change we can believe in to lead us in a worse economic mess than we already are.


September 12, 2008


Hillary and Obama


It ain't going to happen.  Ironically, Biden is more qualified than Obama (even Hillary said that).  And Sarah Palin is equally if not more qualified than Biden.  I think Hillary's time has passed.  And quite honestly with the Democratic Party's stance on drilling McCain should be our next President.  If Biden were to step aside it would appear exactly as it would be, a political move.  As I have said before Hillary stands for everything Obama said he was against.  The American people aren't stupid.  This race hinges on energy.  Only through energy independence will we grow the economy and become more secure in our foreign policy.  I don't like the conservative stance on religion, gays and socialism.  Obama in his interview last night sounded like a Socialist.  He wants everybody to volunteer for everything but wants to give everybody a collage education and healthcare.  His only way to pay for it is to "close tax loopholes.  Where is the other 80 billion projected going to come from?  He voted against armoring the Hummers for the military yet wants to escalate the war in Afghanistan.  He says the reduced cost of the Iraq war will pay the bills, but where is the money going to come from to pay the billions for the war in Afghanistan he is going to escalate?  He has waffled on Georgia.  He does not have the experience to keep our country safe nor does he have the balls to stand up to our enemies.  He is dangerous to our country.  If he wants to make the changes he is proposing he would be better off in the Senate.  He has to realize all bills are drafted in the House and Senate and the President only signs those bills.  He talks about the retirement issue, in that CEOs receive Golden Parachutes while people lose their retirements.  He says he is going to revamp Capital Gains to do it.  Capital Gains has to do with the tax you pay on the stocks and real property you sell.  It does not have to do with Retirement Restructuring.  He wants to increase taxes on the people who create the jobs while giving a free ride to those who don't.  It is called redistribution of wealth and is a Socialist Policy.  He wants to increase taxes on small business.  That will be a detriment to starting new business and will bring existing small business to it's knees.  I can't remember who it was, Dick Morris I think, said Obama's policies could bring us to a full scale depression.  I have thought that for a long time.  I watched Sarah Palin's interview with Chris Wallace on Nightline.  She can hold her own.  They keep saying she would be a heartbeat away from the presidency, so could Biden.  Obama wants to compare himself to Lincoln and Kennedy.   So that's my take on things.


September 13, 2008


The EPA, Electricity, Mosquitoes and Frogs


You might wonder what one has to do with the other.  Read on:


It seems to me that because of the mosquito/West Nile vectoring program that the mosquito is becoming an endangered species or at least a threatened species and therefore should be included in the endangered species list. If this sound as ridiculous to you as it does to me, just think about it and the species that have been added and the end result.  The Natural Diversity Data Base currently has over 33,000 site specific records to Californiaís ďrarest plants, animals and natural communities.Ē  Is everything in California to be designated as threatened, endangered or rare?  That is except human beings.  The EPA has overstepped its charter to protect Americans from environmental contamination metamorphosizing into the all controlling big brother committed to delay development that they have become.  Nobody has more power than the EPA and it is power that we by our apathy and ignorance gave them.  The California Senate has proposed tying land use to carbon footprint.  Every major construction project is forced to expend years determining the environmental impact of the project only to eventually be allowed to complete the project.  Most projects arenít stopped, only delayed.  But at what cost to taxpayers?  At what cost to society.  And at what benefit to the environment?


The average American rarely understands the scope the EPA has on any project.  My biggest fear with my electrification project was that somebody would decide there was an endangered species in the area.  After four months of opportunity to respond and lack thereof on August 28th I received an email identifying the Red Legged Tree Frog as an issue.  The USFWS revised guidelines state the frog can be found in aquatic, riparian and upland habitats.  Basically anywhere.  But what really strikes me is that one single frog can lay from 2000 to 6000 eggs per breeding.  That seems prolific to me and the average American but not to the eco-nuts that have become the mainstay of the environmental movement.  I am not for species taking.  I canít even kill a dying field mouse I find in my back yard.  I do not use pesticides in my yard.  But there must be a reasonable balance between the needs of mankind and the needs of insects, amphibians, fish, spiders, snakes etc. 


In June and July I was forced to evacuate because of the wildfires.  The air quality with 6 fires surrounding us was unbreathable.  My lungs are still and will forever be impacted by the fires.  My asthma is worse.  If the fire would have burned this area I wouldnít have to worry about frogs.  At this point, I almost wish it would have.  During our evacuation, we were forced to stay with friends and spent one horrible night in a motel.  Even though we stayed with friends the majority of the time, we had the additional expense of gas to evacuate two vehicles.  We were forced to rent a storage space to put the truck and our valuables in to avoid having to drive both vehicles and caravan all over the place.  We also had the additional expense of food that was not in our budget.  These are for us and the majority of evacuees, unrecoverable expenses.  My new (less than three year old) batteries are dying.  The time between charges has degraded from 106 hours to 36 hours.  They will have to be replaced at an expense in excess of $2000.  My solar panels have degraded from 25 amps to 20 amps.  And in the mean time I have to spend my time and money on Red Legged Frogs.


June 8, 2008


Today on Face the Nation, one of the news commentators made the statement that "Hillary won the popular vote and the most states."  Then I have to ask you why did Barack Obama win the nomination?


I live in Rural America and although I was always considered white, I am a child of Native American mixed race.  My first day of school, I proudly announced I am an Indian, (a term I now disavow).  From that moment on I was called a dirty Indian and told the only good Indian is a dead Indian.  Ostracized by the other children I was a loner.  I went home most days of my early years crying because nobody liked me.  And yet my father, who was half Native American hated every race.  So I was raised experiencing both sides of racism.  Individuals played into my belief structure and reinforced my father's views.  It was not until I actually got to know some nice people who happened to be African American, that my views began to change.  As a photographer I often traveled with another photographer, photographing the Southwest.  He was an African American and we often joked at the ignorance we encountered.  This was in the early 80s.  I was the only "white" at his wedding and often the only "white" at their parties.   Once on the phone he told me "n_____ don't give me that s___."  Fill in the blanks.  I don't even remember what started the conversation but before the final word was out of his mouth I stopped him and told him "Bill, I have been called a lot of things in my life but that's a first."  His response was "Oh, well you got too much soul to be white."  I reminded him I was not white but rather Native American.  Like Werner Erhardt used to say "there's no difference between f___ and spaghetti."  And while some people won't understand this, it simply means that words only have the value you assign to them.  est, taught us to think and take responsibility for our actions and to listen and not to judge a person by what a person says.  I have been labeled racist because I suggested that some bigotry is brought on by the same people who are claiming racism.  I remember two sets of people during what is called the Rodney King Riots.  The first beat a white man senselessly because he turned his truck down the road.  The second set of people stopped and helped this badly injured man.  They didn't care what color he was.  After that I heard people who had never uttered a racist comment in their lives, suddenly using the n word.  My point is that when people act in an uncivilized manner they bring some of the prejudice upon themselves.  My teacher, however, was dating an African American woman and felt this paper, written in English Class was racially motivated.  It was not.  It was written to show there are different perspectives based upon personal experience.  I worked with two women, one white and one African American.  They each came from a similar background but were separated by skin color.  The white lady's mother had picked cotton for a living so when I found a cotton bail music box in some junk a boyfriend had left, I asked her if she would like it.  A short time later, my another friend complained because this woman was playing the music box.  The song was Dixie.  Now I never thought or realized this song had become a symbol of racism.  It wasn't considered racist when Elvis sang it.  I told my friend the truth, that I was the one who had made the gift.  She was angry and asked me why I would do something like that.  When I told her the girls mother had picked cotton, she calmed down immediately and said "Well, then its ok."  My point is that by changing the perspective, and looking at the situation from different views people can see that things are not always what they seem.


But getting back to the point, when the DNC threatened that if the Democratic candidates took the election all the way to convention that it would be like the Chicago Convention.  Translation "there will be riots."  The DNC played into the fears of Americans.  What will happen if 2008 becomes another 2000 election?  What happens if John Mc Cain wins by a narrow margin and is given the election based upon the Electoral Collage?  Will there still be riots?  When the Obama campaign labeled the Clintons as racists they angered a lot of Clinton supporters.  Contrary to the media's opinion, the Clinton supporters are also well educated.  Yes some of cling to our guns, just like we cling to our Constitution that guarantees our right to bear arms.  Yes, some of us cling to our Religion, believing the government has let us down.  But doesn't Obama also cling to his religion.  He said Reverend Write was his "spiritual mentor," (go back and watch his speeches), had brought him into the church, married him and baptized his children, and he didn't disavow Reverend Wright until it became politically expedient to do so.  While Obama says he never heard what Reverend Wright had to say, "that's not the man I knew",  Reverend Write tells a different story than Obama, in that he advised Barack Obama that at some point he would have to disassociate himself (Obama) with him (Wright).  He also says Obama prayed with him "in the basement" before Obama announced his candidacy.  I would have had more respect for Obama if he would have said he slept through Reverend Wright's sermons.  Instead he is caught in a web of politically motivated and expedient lies.


Father Pfleger's mocking of Senator Clinton to a cheering crowd had all the religion of a circus side show, but it exemplified how racially divided this country is.  Parishioners of both churches love these men.  And the majority of the parishioners that have been shown in the media are African American.  Obama did not disavow his long term relationship with Tony Rezco until Mr. Rezco was convicted.  Then he said his catch phrase, "That's not the man I knew."  And unless I missed it he has never disavowed William Ayers or what he did and has subsequently been quoted as saying.  We all have friends and associates who we may not always agree with.   We may not agree with those views but we are aware of them.  Are we really to be expected to believe that Barack Obama was totally unaware of these views?  If so, how can we expect him to have any better awareness of our enemies views.  Hamas has already came out n support of Obama.  So has the governments of Syria, Cuba, Venezuela.  How is that going to sit with our political allies?  Is not the friend of my enemy, also my enemy?  I agree we need to talk to our enemies, but not unconditionally and not one on one.  If we do it then becomes a matter of he said, she said and no one knows the truth.


This speaks to judgment and inexperience.


We can look at the voting records of both Obama and John Mc Cain and as the Clinton campaign brought out, Obama votes present on most legislation.  He doesn't have the conviction to vote for or against much of anything.  Yes he voted against the war.  At a time when most Americans were suffering from Post 911 related PTSD, and at a time when the intelligence that was presented to Congress, the Senate and the American public was flawed and based upon Whitehouse propaganda.  So we are to believe, when Obama couldn't recognize Reverend Wright for what he is, he, (Obama) and only he, could see that the war would be a disaster and was based upon false intelligence?  I guess he was not affected by the bombing of the World Trade Center in the same way most of us were.  We need to require our politicians vote.  Up or Down.  Only then can their constituents make decisions based upon accurate information.  We need politicians with courage.


On June 6th I was watching the Congressional Session on Washington Today.  I was stunned when the Republicans were addressing the issues of the economy and energy independence and the Democrats were concerned with guaranteeing Soap Box Derby racing in the Capitol.  It didn't make me want to vote for a Democrat.  But that's a different issue.


I have talked to several people who didn't like Obama dressing in what they perceived as Muslim dress.  I realize politicians do this all the time.  The problem is that the dress made him look like the same people we were at war with.  People should take this for what it was.  He was showing respect to the people he was with.  Personally I think it would have been more respectful to wear a suit and tie.  But that's just my opinion.  I would be offended if Barack Obama put on a war bonnet and Native American Regalia.  It is just not appropriate.  What we should be looking at is his multi million dollar home and the Real Estate deal that got him that house.  When I first saw it, I thought why are they showing pictures of one of the structures at Buckingham Palace.  Then I heard the newscast.  I have only seen the picture of the house once, but I find this remarkable when so many Americans are loosing their homes to corrupt Mortgage Brokers, as a result of the Mortgage Meltdown that resulted from exorbitant gas prices, Barack Obama gets a sweetheart deal on his mortgage.  We should be looking at all the Real Estate and automobiles that Reverend Wright owns courtesy of the tax exempt status of the church.  We have seen how under the tax exempt status of religion hatred and bigotry are preached.  It is time to eliminate the tax exempt status of all churches.  To me, this is a separation of church and state issue and I should not be forced to pay for a religion I don't agree with.


My final point today is that both the DNC and the Electoral Collage have proved to us how little our vote really counts.  In 2000 I supported Bush, what a mistake that was, still don't like Al Gore, but everything that has been revealed indicates that Bush stole the election and that Gore won the popular vote.  Now Senator Clinton has won the most states, and the popular vote.  After revelations of Reverend Wright, Obama's ratings significantly decreased, yet he was anointed the Democratic Candidate.  When the DNC assigned votes to Obama in Michigan, a state where Senator Obama knew he couldn't win so he pulled his name off the ballot.  He didn't think enough of the voters even to run.  And the voters didn't think enough of him to write him in on the ballot.  He should not have received one vote from Michigan.  Period.  If Florida and Michigan were counted from the beginning we would be looking at an entirely different race and probably a different outcome.  But the point is they deserved to be counted and not discounted as the DNC did.  There is one way to send a clear message to the DNC as well as the RNC and the Electoral Collage that we are not going to take it any more.  I am asking anyone who feels this is wrong, no matter who you support, to write in Senator Clinton.  We probably can't get her elected but since our vote obviously doesn't count anyway, it won't make a difference to the election but could change voting policies.  We need one primary election, a Super Tuesday as such, where all votes count.  One ballot (no caucus) where voters can select the best candidate from each party.  We all have a stake in America.  We all should have a say in the candidates we will choose regardless of party.  It would save millions in election costs as well as campaign costs for the candidates.  But most of all it would give every American a say.  Only then will we have a true democracy.

June 5th, 2008


With Senator Clinton's decision to withdraw and throw her support to Obama, I am giving my support to John Mc Cain.  I was unable to work directly on Senator Clinton's campaign but did work behind the scene.   We can not afford to have a president as naive, inexperienced and ignorant as Senator Obama.  We can't afford a man whose judgment can be called into question with each revelation of radical affiliation.  Each time he has says "that's not the man I knew" reminds me of the Bush Whitehouse statement ďI canít recall thatĒ and should be shown in an ad for John Mc Cain after each radical comment.  I canít recall a political party with such bad memories and often wondered what kind of pharmaceuticals they were on that they had such bad memories.  After the conviction of Obama's fund raising Real Estate partner, Obama again states "that's not the man I knew", his judgment has to be questioned.  He has never disavowed any of these people until it becomes politically expedient.  The true American people do care.  We are not swayed by the rock star status that the media anointed upon Obama.  Obama is afraid to meet John Mc Cain in open forum but more than that when Obama said John Mc Cain refuses to acknowledge his accomplishments.  Other than unfortunately becoming the Democratic Parties candidate, what other accomplishments has he achieved.  Just look at his voting record.  He canít make a commitment so how can he be qualified to be Commander and Chief?


It's time to put John Mc Cain in the Whitehouse.  It is better to be safe than stupid.



April 11, 2008


Urgent to all consumers.  We cannot support a $0.50 increase in gasoline taxes.  We must stop this.


Below is a copy of an email I received from Senator Feinstein.  I have highlighted the offending and upsetting issue.  I am starting a grassroots campaign to recall any politician who proposes or supports such an unbelievable proposal.  This will put the economy in a worse tailspin than it already is and would put us into a full scale depression.  This effects everybody.  Please help us.  And pass this on.


From: []
Sent: Wednesday, April 09, 2008 2:14 PM
Subject: U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein responding to your message



Dear Mrs. Montano:


Thank you for contacting me to express your opposition to increasing in the Federal gasoline tax. I appreciate the time you took to write and welcome the opportunity to respond.


The Federal government first imposed a gasoline excise tax in 1932. In 1956, Congress created the Highway Trust Fund, which receives revenue from the gasoline excise tax to fund highway programs. Due to budget deficits between 1990 and 1997, Congress diverted a portion of gasoline excise taxes to general revenue accounts. Since then, all gasoline excise taxes have been dedicated to the Highway Trust Fund, serving as a user fee that funds road construction that amounts to more than $20 billion per year. The Federal gasoline excise tax rate is currently 18.4 cents per gallon.


As you may know, Representative John Dingell (D-MI), Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, announced a proposal to establish fees on carbon emissions that includes an increase of the Federal gasoline excise tax by 50 cents per gallon for petroleum-based gasoline, phased in over five years. Representative Dingell has not introduced his proposal as a formal bill. Please know that I appreciate hearing your concerns and will keep your letter in mind should legislation to increase the Federal gasoline tax come before me in the Senate.


Again, thank you for writing. If you have any further questions or comments, please or contact my office in Washington, D.C. at (202) 224-3841. Best regards.


Sincerely yours,

Dianne Feinstein
        United States Senator


Further information about my position on issues of concern to California and the Nation are available at my website You can also receive electronic e-mail updates by subscribing to my e-mail list at




February 4, 2008


Few Americans are prepared for a disaster.  See how you can become prepared.


January 26, 2008


The Compacts Propositions 94, 95, 96 and 97


The reason I support the compacts is simply a recognition of the sovereignty of each Indian (Native American) Nation to negotiate their own contracts with the government of the United or Individual States.  While Americans seem to for the most part believe that the Reservations are part of America that isn't the truth.  When you are on a Reservation you are governed by the laws of the Tribe, not the United States.  Some of the larger Indian Nations (I hate that word), even issue their own passports.  And yes these are legal documents that are recognized worldwide.  Recognize that the tribes are not obligated to give one dime to the states.  It is not a matter of pay their own share, it is a matter of the tribes being willing to contribute for the good of the people.  This should be viewed as a gift rather than obligation.  Most of our land was seized.  Our population was decimated and we were forced to assimilate.  Our culture was denied and our languages as well as our religions were forcibly taken from us.  Much of our population denied our culture as well as our heritage just to survive.  We were forced into slavery by the people who came to civilize us.  When we ran away they killed us.  Murder of the Native American continued well into the 20th century.  My own grandmother denied her heritage from fear for her life.  David's father told him "Learn Spanish and tell everyone you are Mexican so we can get work."  This is my culture.  As a child I was told that my paternal grandmother was Native American but this was the only thing I was told about my culture.  I used to root for the Native American in the westerns because I new I wasn't a savage so why should I believe these people are savage.  When I went to kindergarten, on the first day the teacher told everyone to go around the room and introduce and tell everyone about themselves.  When it was my turn I said I was Indian.  The other children said "The only good Indian is a dead Indian."  The teacher did not discourage this and taught me my first lesson in inequity and trusting the establishment.


I use the term Native American because we are not Indian.  We are Chiricauha, Mescalero, Black Feet, Maidu, Piute, Comanche, etc. but unless we are mixed, none of us came from India.   People are sensitive to other cultures but we are still referred to as redskins.  Another double standard that needs to be corrected.


January 22, 2008




How fair is the Caucus to the American voter?  While the news media reports the percentage of the vote, rarely do we get a real count of what is really going on.  How many potential voters are disenfranchised by the whole caucus process?  As a disabled American I know I would not be able to vote in a Caucus.  People who are seniors or live in remote locations are often unable to get transportation or are afraid to drive at night or in bad weather.  And don't think about taking a trip or vacation and voting n a caucus.  People who work the hours of the Caucus are left out and there are no absentee Caucus votes.  If I lived in a state with a Caucus I would challenge the process in the courts under the American's With Disability Act.  It is a blatantly unfair political process and should be changed.


Another unfair process is the inability to cross political lines in a primary.  My husband and I voted absentee for Hillary Clinton but our votes will not count because we are registered American Independent.  I now find out the only way our votes would nave counted is if we registered Decline to State.  I shouldn't have to reregister or change political parties to vote for the best candidate.  We should have one ballot with a selection of Democratic, Republican, Independent or whatever party.  This would eliminate the need for hand counted ballots because of write in candidates.  It would also better reflect the political views of the voters.



January 20, 2008


Separation of Church and State



When Mike Huckabee said  "What we need to do is to amend the Constitution so it's in God's standards, rather than try to change God's standards so it lines up with some contemporary view of how we treat each other and how we treat the family." He confirmed my worst fears.  Our founding fathers included a separation of Church and State in the Constitution just for this very reason.  In theory a "Man of God" answers to a higher authority and therefore can put his personal religious beliefs above the will of the people.  I cannot in good conscience vote for someone who I believe will do just that.


I have spent my life as a Republican but now an American Independent.  A political party which (if you can believe the California Ballot information), is based upon Religious Faith.  As I said I have spent my life as a Republican but the Republican platform and particularly the Bush Administration no longer reflect my views.  I have seen so many lies coming out of the Republican politicians and Bush appointees that I no longer trust the government.  What I particularly like (not) is the convenient amnesia that happens every time one of them testifies before Congress.  As a child I used "I forgot." As a child's way to try to get away with lying.  If these people truly have the degree of forgetfulness that they seem to have then they don't need to be running our government.


I have listened to Barack Hussein Obama but I have yet to figure out what change he is talking about.  What I don't like is his stance on coal as a "Clean" alternative to oil.  I don't know about the emissions from burning coal but I do know about Black Lung Disease and Coal Mine cave-ins.  We only have to look at Utah to realize the dangers.  But Utah was not the only coal mine collapse.  It happened all over the world.  Obama claims to have seen the war in Iraq as an unjust war at a time when the Nation and the World were suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from the September 11 attack and the World Trade Center.  I guess he was the only one who was so unaffected that he opposed the war.  October 2002, the House voted 296 to 133 and the Senate voted 77 to 23 to authorize President Bush to attack Iraq if Saddam Hussein refuses to give up weapons of mass destruction as required by U.N. resolutions.  Support for Bush was an unprecedented 63%.  I guess Barack has a crystal ball.  Barack's statements indicate that he thinks he knows more than the American people and therefore we should trust him.  Isn't this the same rhetoric Bush gave us?


When Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke testified before Congress he said that although there were short-term problems that the American economy has always exhibited a long-term resiliency and he thought the long-term prospect for the economy was "excellent," despite the short-term problems the nation needed to address. what I noticed is the tears in his eyes and his voice cracking.  The same things that Hillary Clinton was just recently berated for.  While news reports say that this helped Hillary with the women voters I can't help thinking it played into the fears of some people who believe that women are too emotional to run the country.  To them I say Margaret Thatcher, Benazir Bhutto, Queen Elizabeth, Evita Peron, Indira Gandhi, Sirimavo Bandaranaike.  Through out history there have been many powerful and successful world leaders who happened to be women.  Gender, like race and religion should not be a prerequisite for the White House.  Unfortunately, if your skin is other than black and you support someone other than Barack you are labeled a racist.  I support Hillary Clinton.  She is the best person for the job.  She comes with the most experience and has the best advisor possible.  When people belittle her for "standing by" Bill Clinton and preserving the sanctity of her marriage it is inappropriate for them to judge.  60% of all marriages end in divorce and 85% of married people are unfaithful.  These are statistics.  How can anyone say what they would have done under the same circumstances?  I have a lot of respect for her.  She held her head high under the shroud of public humiliation.  This speaks for her courage and commitment.  What more could you want from the President of the United States than to have a person who is committed to family values, the preservation of marriage and committed to the protection of the Constitution?


January 19, 2008


Intolerance in the Name of Religion


More wars have been fought over religion than for any other cause.  After loosing BooBoo in 2006 I didn't send out Christmas cards.  I frankly was too brokenhearted to care.  In 2007 I sent out my usual cards but didn't include my usual Christmas letter.  I send out cards to keep in contact and because a few friends have told me the cards I send are the only ones they receive.  Friends like Gino who look forward to my cards.  So when I sent out my cards I included most of the people in my Outlook contact list, allowing my computer to do the work.  One of the people I included, Keith, an old friend, ex-lover and an adopted child.  One of the reasons I included Keith is because he was involved in 1989 when I had contact with Cindy.  I thought he might be interested in knowing how things turned out, especially because he was adopted and contemplating searching for his birth mother.  I was rather surprised when he emailed me.  After three emails back and forth he forwarded me a religious email.  Now I don't know what Boeing's policy is on personal and religious emails but I asked Keith not to forward any more to me.  I told him that as far as I could see God didn't give a flying f--- for me or mine.  It's not that I don't believe there is a higher being, what the Native American calls the Great Spirit, but for all the compassion I have seen in my life and in the world, I don't care.  That seems to be a hard fact for any one who calls themselves Christian.  Intolerance of anyone who doesn't agree with their beliefs.  The Native American has a saying that has been bastardized to fit the Anglo culture which says "Don't judge me until you have walked a mile in my moccasins."  I have asked other people not to forward religious dogma to me and true friends respect my feelings.  Others like Keith choose to terminate the friendship.


Recent news reports have labeled the Mormon Religion as a cult.  I found this offensive.  My sister is Mormon.  I have another sister who is a Born Again Christian.  She and I don't talk religion either.  I have one friend who claims to be Atheist and others who are Scientists.  I send my Jewish friends Seasons Greetings and last year I sent out the last of my religious cards to friends who are Catholic.


We honor the holocaust, pay tribute to the African American slave and reparation to the Japanese Internment Camp residences but few people look back upon the stain perpetrated upon the Native American in the name of religion and bringing God to the savages.  Native American artisans were forced into labor to resurrect cathedrals to honor Christian Gods.  We had our own Gods but were not considered civilized.  When Native Americans tried to leave the church, they were tracked down, beaten and returned.  If they ran again they were simply killed.  Baby's heads were bashed upon the rocks, not worthy of wasting bullets.  This is well documented religious history.  If you bother to find out the other side.


Frankly I don't care what a person believes in as long as they are a good person.  How do I define a good person.  A person who has respect for other peoples values and beliefs.  A person who treats other people fairly.  A person who doesn't judge another person for their beliefs.  Often it is the person who is quoting the bible who is cheating on his wife (or girlfriend Ann), who frequents prostitutes and peep shows, who drowns his cat's newborn kittens, who drinks and abuses his wife (Jack) or is a pedophile (Arnold) or abuses their children (Sharron).  Not always.  I know some very good people who happen to be Christians.  It is just not a prerequisite.  Nor is being a Christian a prerequisite for being a good person.  Religion is and should be a matter of personal choice.  Not something to be force fed at every opportunity.  Not something decreed by politicians.  Frankly I would never vote for a religious leader.  When Mitt Romney declared "Freedom requires religion just as religion requires freedom.  Freedom opens the windows of the soul so that man can discover his most profound beliefs and commune with God. Freedom and religion endure together, or perish alone."  I found it offensive.  Some of the most oppressed people are religious.  Just ask the people in Africa, and the Middle East.  The LeSea Network wants to be like the British Empire of Old and not let the sun set upon their empire.  Further stating that India is full of religious cults.  This is religious intolerance and divisive.  I am not asking you to change your beliefs.  I am only asking that you respect mine.


I believe in the Constitution of the United States.

I believe in Religious Freedom.

I believe in Freedom of speech.

I believe in Respect.

I believe in the Separation of Church and State.

I believe in Personal Choices.

I believe a person has the ultimate right to decide what to put in or take out of their body.

I believe there may or may not be a Great Spirit (God).

I believe in the Right to Bear Arms.

I believe Everybody was Created Equal regardless of race, creed, religious affiliation (or not), gender or sexual orientation.


I survived my life and it has been painful.  I was raised in the Church of the Nazarene.  I have attended Mass in Catholic Churches and gone to service in Pentecostal, Baptist, Methodist and Later Day Saints.  I have studied the bible and watched historical programs on the Dead Sea Scrolls.  I have spent most of my life as a deeply spiritual person.  My chosen religion is the traditional Native American Religion.  The point is that I have some choices.  The first is to worship a God no matter what.  The second is to question the existence of a Supreme Being.  Something that is hard for me to do when I look at this ciaos we call humanity.  The third is to believe but not care.  For me, if there is a God, she (or he) doesn't care one way or another about me.  It is either feel this way or believe I had offended God so badly by my birth that God is punishing me everyday of my life.  I know I am a good person.  I have never hesitated to help people even at my own expense.  I have been there for anyone who asked or wanted to dump their feelings on me.  When I needed help, when I needed hope, there was no one there for me.


I have been abused almost everyday of my life by people who professed Christianity.  Jack beat me telling me "I was put on this earth to punish you for what you did to David", (my first husband).  How often do ministers beat their wives and children telling them the same type of things?  How many Catholic Priests have been accused of molesting children?  If was not enough for God to allow Jack to beat me but after developing fibromialgia I feel like if there is a God, she is beating me daily.  Fibromialgia is one of the most painful diseases, then I developed chronic shingles.  I have never asked for anything but an even chance in life.  I have worked very hard.  This is my reward.


Too often I have had the Christian beating me on the head with the bible while picking my pocket or trying to have sex me.  I can have people in my life regardless of religious affiliation, can you?  Or do you judge, condemn and ridicule.  Please do not pray for me or my soul.  I neither want or need it.  Werner Erhardt (founder of est.) said I do not discuss God with a--holes.


January 18, 2008

Domestic Violence


It is time to Stop The Violence.  I may not be able to change the world but if I can prevent one woman from getting hurt then there is a purpose in my words.  No man should ever hit any woman.  Violence begets violence.  The only way to stop violence is to stop violence.  To that end I have written An open letter to my daughter Honey.  A pain full journey into my life with Jack Ponton.



December 26, 2007 - January 1, 2008


Political Incorrectness



You can't change how you were raised, only who you become.

. . . Tiffany MontaŮo 2007


Through understanding there may be multiple sides to every story maybe we can transform the believer and stop the violence.


There are always more than one side to every story.  My goal through this website is to promote understanding.  I intend to address some difficult issues.  Issues that may make the reader uncomfortable.  Issues that may not be considered to be politically correct.  There is no left wing or no right wing.  Times change and people change.  What is politically correct for one group, may not be politically correct for another group.  I grew up in a time and place when hatred was politically correct.  As times have changed people's understanding has changed.  What for one group may seem to be hatred for another group may it may be a matter of post traumatic stress disorder or for another may only be a matter of political correctness.


Who can blame a child that is bitten by a dog when that child fears dogs?  Who can blame a former POW for hating people who are like his captors?  Who can blame an abused woman for hating her abuser and people who remind her of him?  These are all examples of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  We hear about PTSD in the news.  We understand that many soldiers suffer from PTSD but few of us really understand the disorder.


I define PTSD as an irrational response to a normal situation which is based on a perceived threat as a result of a previous experience. 


That experience may be real or imagined as in a child who is afraid of the dark and believes the boogey man will come and get them to the child in a war torn country who is afraid to go to sleep for fear the soldiers will come and take him or he will die.  I recently met a Veteran at the SFVAMC who served in the Viet Nam Theater.  He was on a Navy ship and said he was sorry he never got into county.  He felt guilty because on a ship he was relatively safe while other troupes were put into harms way.  His guilt is a form of PTSD and will effect everything he does for the rest of his life.


The child who is bullied by children may grow up hating the ethnic group of the bullies.  Or withdrawing from his or her own ethnic group.  They may quit socializing with a particular ethnic group saying "all the black kids hate me" or "all the white kids hate me."  Mixed ethnic children may be ostracized by both cultures.  At one time this was more common as the mixed Native American was referred to as half breeds and the mixed African American was referred to as malado.  Society has over the last forty years for the most part become accepting of mixed race children.  Until the next war, or next riot or next terrorist activity.  I remember the words that came out of a friend's mouth after the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles.  I was surprised when Keith, who never saw color, who had previously dated women of color and had always been an advocate of African American people was suddenly using the "N" word.  Talking about that "lazy a__ n_____" when referring to the departmental secretary.  I understood where he was coming from, (I understood PTSD by then), his mother's warehouse had been burned during the riots and driving to work he said was like a war zone.  When there is a physical difference that makes one group easy to identify it becomes easier to racially profile that group.  Racial profiling doesn't just occur in the United Stated but world wide. 


Racial profiling has occurred through out history and may be part of our natural fight or flight response.  The white soldier who wanted to bring home a Korean wife and child during the Korean Conflict couldn't get housing.  Our own government has interred the Japanese American soldier's family in Internment Camps while he fought for this country.  During World War II German families were also interred in interment camps.  An Internment Camp is just another term for POW camps.  Only these people weren't soldiers.  They were determined to be potential enemy combatants based upon ethnicity.  Isn't this the same thing that is occurring today with Guantanamo Bay?  We call it racial profiling and "it's not supposed to be done" but it still is and legally under the Patriot Act.  By our own government.  Congressman Doolittle stated that most of the people that have been released from Guantanamo Bay have returned to terrorist activities.  Who can blame them?  It is human nature to want to retaliate especially when you perceive that you were unjustly accused.  Are we not breeding terrorist activities by our own failure to honor our Constitution?  No one disagrees that the people who attacked the World Trade Center on September 11 were members of a specific ethnic group, but more than that they were members of a specific religious sect.  So is it ethnicity or religion that we profile against?  Or both?  Or do we, as a civilized society target and change the fundamentalist attitude that nurtures this attitude.  Hate and violence only propagate hate and violence.  The only way to stop the hate and violence is to stop it.  Not through assimilation where upon we have a world of mocha colored people but rather through respect, understanding and celebration in our differences.


The atheist deserves as much protection under the law as the Christian and yet politicians tell the American public that we can only have freedom through religion. Even though this country was founded upon a separation of church and state the nation continues to celebrate religious holidays that all tax payers are forced to subsidize.  Holidays which are obvious religious celebrations that range from the Christmas trees in the local courthouses, and the White House to the Easter egg rolling contest.  The Post Office, Courthouses and Government are still closed on Sundays because of fundamental Christian religious beliefs.  Yet taxpayers of all faiths are forced to pay the bill.  We are a society that functions on a twenty-four hour world clock.  Yet the government continues to take a Christmas break.  So where is the separation of church and state?  People without faith are often ostracized by people of faith while being forced to pay the bills for people of faith.  Often referred to as godless and ignorant by Christians, these people range from the true Atheist to the person questioning their faith and even to members of other religion.  Other religions are often referred to as Sects.  One recent news report questioned the Mormon Religion saying that many Americans still see it as a religious sect.  And yet this behavior may also be a form of Post Traumatic Stress.  When a child is raised to believe that a person of one religion is actually worshiping the devil and they are then confronted by a member of that religion how are they supposed to react?  Offer up an olive branch?  Or run away screaming?  Or attack the devil?  Fight or Flight!  The reaction is then compounded when that person acts in the manor which confirms the perception.  I.e. when a person is worshiping the devil, the pit bull bights, the people of a particular ethnicity riot, the blond acts dumb etc.  These actions feed into incorrect perceptions and fulfill the ignorance in the mind of a person suffering PTSD.  Reinforcing the belief in the victim's mind.  If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck.


Another example of PTSD I would like to discuss is the "race card".  No one blames a black child that is raped by a white person if that child hates white people and yet if a white child is raped by a black person and they fear or hate black people they are considered raciest.  Why the double standard?  Don Imus' comments were considered raciest yet if Chris Rock would have made the same comments no one would have lifted an eyebrow.  Now if a black person retaliates it is somehow perceived as just but if a white person retaliates it is racist and considered a hate crime.  And heaven forbid that the "N" word be used.  Aren't all crimes not based upon greed or lust hate crimes?  Another example of race based PTSD occurs as a result of the media.  If the only contact you have with an ethnicity is the news and the only news coverage is negative, then is it not understandable that a person of a different ethnicity could conclude that all "fill in the race" are evil.  Isn't this the same thing the Iraqi people are being told by their religious leaders about Americans?  If a white person's (or Muslim or ?) only contact with a black person (white person, American etc) is the news media and the media only reports crime, riots, violence and hatred then how can the black person blame the white person for thinking all blacks are what ever is seen on the TV.  How many Americans believe Moslems are all radical suicidal killers?  This is PTSD based upon a perceived threat as a result of media coverage of a small yet visible portion of an ethnic group.  An example of this can be found in the animal kingdom and illustrates my point.  Recent news reports of Pitt Bull dogs attacking people have led to some communities to ban Pitt Bulls.  And yet to the Pitt Bull owners I have known these dogs are the "most gentle" animals they ever owned.  Now I am not comparing people to animals but rather using the response to illustrate my point.  Not all Pitt Bulls are violent.  The reality of it is that all dogs can be dangerous and all dogs can be sweet loving babies.  The actual number of dog mauling compared to the number of dogs is miniscule.  But the media has led the general public to believe that Pitt Bulls are extremely unpredictable and dangerous.  Just like the media led people to believe the African American is (fill in the blank) or the Native American is or the Iraqi or (or what ever ethnicity) . . .   Do you get the point?   I am not saying this is right I am just trying to promote understanding of both sides.  Perhaps through understanding we can meet in the middle.


Solar Energy:


Another example of political correctness gone wild is solar energy.  Everybody has been convinced by the media that solar energy is the save all of the world and any one who questions this is trying to destroy the planet. 


I have lived off solar energy for over seven years now.  On June 26th 2006 my dog BooBoo died from water intoxication because living on solar energy I was unable to keep him cool.  When I began to crunch the numbers I documented the fraud that the environmentalists have perpetrated on the American public.  I challenge you to read Exposed; the Solar Energy Con available at (  After you read this, make up your mind for yourself and I urge you to write your legislators.  This is written from a woman's perspective and is an accurate representation of what it is like to live off the utility grid.  My point is that if you can read it and still support solar you need your head examined.


The country is so focused on solar energy that any one who doesn't support turning the world into one big solar array is an anarchist.  The reality is that manufacturing solar panels has as big an impact on the environment as anything else.  I fear that by the time our country wakes up it will be too late.  Unless we develop a Chinese attitude to population control we need to build more hydroelectric plants and even nuclear power plants.  The whole world is going nuclear but Americans are too afraid, too dependant on foreign oil (follow the money trail) and often to involved in their own lives to see the obvious.


November 19, 2007




Frankly I think we should boycott China.  That includes the Olympics, all sales and all purchases.  I will never forget Tiananmen Square and it is an insult to human rights to hold the Olympics there, but more than that because male children were prized they murdered many of their own female children.  Only recently has the female become prized in their society because the men have few women to choose from.  The Chinese flood our market with contaminated pet food and pig food, as well as toothpaste and lead based toys.  Often these contaminates are found to be additives.  This means they not only donít have any quality control, they have no regard for the environment or the health and safety of their workers or their consumers.  They export products trimmed with dog hair and recently rather than requiring rabies vaccination they euthanized millions of dogs.  They passed a law only allowing one dog per family and went in and seized and killed the rest.

A friend emailed me "We picked up some orders from China. This was the first time that they (China) were allowed to attend the International Gun Show and I got a 2.6 million order from them, CASH!! Hope we don't end up getting shot by my own products!! I sent the American Express Check back as soon as I got it and it cleared. They bought from many U.S. manufactures." 

When did we start exporting ďtechnologyĒ to the Chinese?  I guess it must be another Bush deal.  Follow the money. 

Hate Mongering:

"I was not put in this world to live up to your expectations, nor you for mine.  If by chance we should meet beautiful.  If not it can't be helped."

~ Fritz Perls ~

Teach your children well.

I received the following email (copied as sent) from my daughter after starting this blog a couple of days ago.  It typifies the Ultra Conservative Right.  I find it interesting how much power she gives my little blog.  What can you expect when her hero, the current president was a C student?  Thank you, Cindy for the power.  I hope I really do have the power to change the world.  For the better.  More war is fought in the name of religion than for any other reason.


November 18, 2007

Subject: Blog




I would like to know what type of drug trip you are on now??  You sure have not changed in my 40 years of have been living in a drugged up, dream world that most of us cannot relate to.

My husband and I are on the Executive Committee for the Republican Party for our county.  We live and fight for the real world and our freedom and choices, each and every day. I am tired of naive, incompetent people, such as yourself, trying to think they know it all and are educated in the political arena.  Are you aware of the facts that you are mindlessly bantering out there to the public??  Do you understand that we, the people, of the United States of America, are trying to educate and bring back morale's and values into this society??  I do not give a damn about Hillary Clinton and her political views....big whoop if you got her attention.  My husband and I work side by side with some of our top ranking members of the Republican board, throughout our state.  We attend many of the political functions, and unrelentingly educate ourselves to better serve our communities and our States. 

Educate yourself better on understanding why the Republicans and Conservatives are trying to do for you and everyone as a whole to go back to morale's and values that have been lost in society, due to drugs, alcohol, little if any, education, prejudice and intolerance. 

I live in the real world and try to make a difference so that we can have a better society and environment for our children....I have four children (my oldest will be 21yrs soon), and yes I have successfully raised and am raising my children to better respect people and the environment that we live in.  I, and my children will make a difference in this world.

Our beliefs our founded on the bible, church, faith, knowledge and respect.  Read the bible, pray and maybe you will better understand that things like; abortion, gay & homosexual marriage and relationships are wrong.

That global warming is not just due to what we do in and to our environment, but could also be due to the course of the earth's rotation and natural events that may occur from things also unseen, like the hand of God.

I do not have any concern about swaying your view point our trying to change your beliefs.... but I am very concerned when you try to push those view points on other people, especially when you are not fully aware of the content you are talking about.

I just thought I should inform you that not everyone shares your view point."


This is my response.


"I have spent all my life as a Republican.  Until the Bush administration.  Like I told you years ago, it is time to grow up.  My political party abandoned me when it went from trickle down economics to the Conservative Christian Right.  Politics has nothing to do with sexual preference, race or religion but is about running the country for everybody and if you read the Constitution it guarantees freedom of speech as well as freedom of religion.  And the separation of church and state.  Bush declared God is on our side bringing us into a religious as well as civil war.  You are the one who needs to get the facts right.  Bush is a war criminal that should have been impeached.  He is also a member of the Skull and Bones Society.  I do not believe anybody has the right to tell anybody else how to live their own life including you.  Or what to put in or take out of their own body.  Otherwise you never would have been born.  It is too bad you grew up with so much hate.  I can only blame Arnold and Sharron for that.  I have read the bible and it is as filled with as much hate as you are.  I always find it interesting that people condemn others for doing what they themselves did.  As I recall you and what's his name were passing bad checks in Texas.  Your oldest son's father was a drug dealer.  You wanted me to support the three of you.  You tried to manipulate me into feeling guilty because Arnold molested you but you would not do anything to stop him from molesting anyone else including your sister.  Get off your high horse.  You are the one who is not living in the real world.


On global warming; watch a program called "Global Warming?"  It is on the history channel.  According to the scientists we should be going into an ice age.  That's scientific fact based upon the rotation of the earth and climate change data.  You are the one who is not informed.


My husband is a Veteran and a former POW.  I became a political activist when he couldn't get proper treatment or his benefits from the government.


I offer up my views as an opinion.  An educated opinion.  By the way my I.Q. at age 23 was 185, what was yours?  You can dismiss my opinions if you like.  But you can't dismiss your past.  I realize not everyone shares my points of view.  Realize not everyone shares yours.  Don't worry Cindy, you will never hear from me again.


Your Mother"


November 20, 2007

Her response:



What a shame....I have no regrets, no hate, no bitterness toward anyone.

It's too bad you feel the way you do...I have not wanted you in my life now or ever.  Your prejudice against my son was all I needed to let me know how you really are.  The drugs you fed yourself and passed through your kids should have made you realize the life that you lead...oh well, what a's in God's hands now. I will pray for you because it is obvious the guilt you feel.  I have four beautiful healthy kids, a successful marriage.  A great income ( hitting over 100,000.00 this year), a beautiful home on 10 acres of land....funny don't remember the bad check thing, but yeah sounds like my ex to me...and young and naive. I have no one to blame or pass the buck to.  I graduated beauty school, received my master certificate in color, salon manager license, and now dispatch for a very successful security company.  I have no regrets, love the mom who raised me.

Have much respect for her bringing me up in a Christian environment, it may not have been peaches and roses growing up, but I would not trade it for the world.  I love God and my family and that is all that matters....I don't need to cut you or anyone down.  Take it the way you see it, you always were the martyr.  You will never know what you lost out on, but I am better of for who I am and the loving family that I have.  Don't really care about your opinion, just stating mine...I am on the Executive Board for the Republican County, Secretary and State Central Alternate me the voting rights that will matter for my State and about you??......


January 28, 2008

Just a side Note:

I was curious as to the demographics of the community in which my daughter and her family live.  I looked up her zip code in US Census listing.  It says that in Green Isle, MN 55338-2013, where she lives, in the 2000 Census there were two African Americans and one Native American.  She raises her children in a real diverse community.  What a shame her son didn't get an opportunity to know people of his own culture.

As I stated in my previous email I will not respond to any further emails.  I will post my response here for the world to read.

You seem to think I am some kind of drug abuser that did drugs before you were born.  Weather I did drugs or not is irrelevant but for the record, basically I didn't take any drugs until after you were born.  I did take about five Benzedrine (the equivalent to five half tabs of Ritalin and far less than is given to hyperactive children everyday), given to me by my boyfriend.  I probably smoked about half an ounce of weed, total.  But that was over two years before you were born.  I never took drugs when I was pregnant.  I didn't even smoke because it made me sick.  Your father introduced me to Seconal.  About a month before he killed himself he was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs.  My drugs were all most exclusively prescribed by a doctor after your father killed himself.  They thought I was depressed.  The drugs made me depressed.  When I was happy they said I was manic.  I don't drink.  I don't take drugs and prefer herbs and homeopathic medicine.  But I support your right to use what ever prescription drugs you choose.  I did not kill your father, like your family wants to believe.  But I was glad his abuse was over.  He was abusive just like his father was.  Your father made a choice.  He put a gun to his head, not me.  I have had basically no contact with you in 40 years.  Your adoptive mother insisted upon no contact and when your grandmother (my mother) visited she called her up and said you wet your pants and she could never see you again.  I went on with my life and did not sit around pining away for you.

I gave you a chance for a future.  A future you would not have if I would have kept you.  If I would have known Arnold would molest you, I would have given you to strangers.  I am sorry I could not protect you from the abuse from Arnold and Sharron.  I did what I had to do to keep you and Viki alive.  I spent five and a half years as a prisoner in my own home being beaten almost daily.  I was too naive and afraid to get out.  But I protected you from that.  Perhaps you should ask Honey how her life was.  Jack abused me, I passed on the abuse.  Until one day when I realized what I was doing.  I never laid a hand on her again.

Twenty years ago you showed up at my door without even enough money for diapers, wanting me to support you and your husband and child.  A child that should have been out of diapers six months earlier.  I used my food money to buy diapers and pizza for you.  I had bills to pay and no money left over.  I am not a martyr, just a survivor.  Now twenty years later you email me with your hate mongering.  I did not contact you.  I did not even have an email for you.  I am sorry if you seem to think I owe you something.  I only owe you the truth.

I don't know what you think I feel about your child so I will tell you.  I suspected he was African American before I ever met him.  This was based upon your grandmother's letter.  She stated you had a child and the lack of information led me to suspect the truth.  I talked to my friend Keith about it and like he said "you'll love it anyway."  At that time I didn't even know if "it" was a boy or a girl.  I have never denied having a grandson who is a person of color.  But I did feel sorry for him.  I felt sorry because he had a mother who said she was going to raise him as white.  A mixed child has enough conflict without his own mother denying his heritage.  He faced enough bigotry without it coming from you.  I was insulted in the blatant attempt to shock me by using the ethnicity of your child.  Forgive me for wanting more for my grandchildren than the bigotry I experienced as a Native American.  As a Native American child raised in a white society I faced bigotry every day of my life.  We were called "Diggers" and slaughtered like cattle by the Christians who believed we were savages and did not believe in God.  My own grandmother hid her heritage for fear of getting killed.

You did succeed in making me feel guilty about the molestation.  For a time that is.  I tried to get you to prosecute Arnold.  I contacted the District Attorney in Minnesota and was told you would have to pursue it.  You refused.  I even talked to the nurse at work.  She was a former ER nurse and told me 60% of all female children are molested and 80% of them are molested by a family member.  I resented your obvious attempts to manipulate me.  When you called screaming and crying and demanding I intercede between you and Sharron regarding your father's wedding ring, after listening to your rant, I remember thinking "I'm in Chino, you are in Lancaster and Sharron is in Minnesota.  What in the hell am I supposed to do."  You were an adult.  Or supposed to be.  I looked at the phone, held it two feet from my ear, and could still hear your screaming.  I thought "I don't need this shit" and simply hung up.

A few weeks later, because I couldn't handle the stress at work combined with the guilt trip you put on me.  I had a breakdown.  That cost me my security clearance (top secret), my job at Northrop and eventually my house.  I wrote your grandmother and told her perhaps she shouldn't have gotten involved.  If you weren't going to prosecute Arnold for molesting you I never should have been told.  I also told her I did not appreciate her withholding Brandon's ethnicity from me.  If she or you misconstrued my words to mean anything other than chastising her for trying to use his ethnicity as a way to shock me.  If you took this to mean anything else it is on you.  I have often told people I have a grandson who is a person of color.

I used to have a friend, Bill, a photographer friend of mine, who happened to be African American.  I was at his wedding and often was the only white person at his parties.  We traveled a lot together and often experienced the same prejudices.  We often joked about it.  After you tried to shock me with Brandon's ethnicity I talked to Bill about it and the prejudices he would face.  Especially having a mother that wanted to raise him as a white person.  So don't tell me about prejudices.  I have experienced them all my life.  I admit to being prejudice when I was thirteen, but that disappeared after I got away from my father.  When I got to know people for who they were and not the color of their skin.

As far as how I feel about Brandon, I don't know him.  But if he was raised with the same hatred you were, I don't want to either.

As far as you are concerned, I only know what you told me.  You told me about all the physical and psychological abuse perpetrated upon you by the people that raised you.  The people you now claim to love.  How things have changed!  Psychologists tell us that abused children often cling to the abusive parent. 

You have accused me of being uneducated and it is true that I only have a few years of college, a degree in computer programming as well as cosmetology.  Recently I was told I have the equivalent of a doctorate in life experience.  I have made "Who's Who in the World", "Who's Who in Science and Engineering" twice, "Who's Who of American Women" twice, both "Who's Who in Poetry" and "Who's Who in International Poetry" multiple times.  I have shown my art work in SOHO (New York), on the Isle of Crete (Greece), and San Francisco among other places.  I learned to read on my mother's medical text books when I was four or five.  I have studied medicine, psychology, sociology, history, photography, cratology, material resource planning, law, taxes and anything else I could study.  I have worked as a Production Control Planner, Supervisor and designer in the aerospace industry where I was highly sought after.  I was forced into early retirement due to a work injury.  I have spent the last seven years living on solar and generating my own electricity.  I am considered an expert on off the grid living.  You can say what ever you want about me but get the facts straight, uneducated I am not.

You know nothing about me.  Who I am or what I am, only what you have been told.   You will never know until I finish my autobiography.  Until then you can think what you like.  Life is never easy and it is never black and white.  Life is about choice and sometimes about making the wrong choices.  But in life you don't get any do-overs.  I would have loved to have gone into politics but I had a past.  In those days if you had a past it was used against you.

As far as religion, I am sick of Christians using God and Christ to sell life insurance, predatory mortgages and credit counseling.  And to use Christianity to spread bigotry and hate.  As a Native American I look at the genocide perpetrated upon our people in the name of Christianity and see the same things being perpetrated upon other cultures.  The LeSEA Broadcast network wants "to be like the British Empire of old and not let the sun set" on their following.   They consider all other India religions "cults".  I think you need to learn some of your own culture.  I don't care what a person believes in as long as they are a good person.

I used to think I might like to have at least a civil relationship with you.  But you contacted me after over twenty years with nothing but hatred, hostility and contempt with a desire to silence me and deny me freedom of speech.  Because apparently you do not agree with something on my blog.  I have yet to figure that one out.  To that I say start your own blog.  Obviously you do care about my opinion because otherwise you wouldn't bother.  You contacted me, I did not contact you.  Thanks for giving me so much power.  I am glad you achieved financial success.  Perhaps someday you will follow the teaching in that book you hold so high and not judge people.  Then again, it also condones incest so I am sure you feel right at home reading it.  It also says you should take a belligerent child out and stone them to death.  Please don't pray for me.  Not to that God.  I have known people who don't believe that are more Christian in their attitude.  Walk a mile in my moccasins first.  You put out as much bigotry and hatred toward homosexuals as some people do toward your child.  The gays I know only want the same things anyone else wants.  To be treated equally.  Same as the African Americans, Native Americans, Iraqis etc.   Studies say that one in four will have a member of their family who is homosexual.  You have four children.  I hope that if one of them comes to you someday and says they are gay that you will be a lot more understanding.  But then again with your attitude they would probably be too afraid to come out of the closet.  I am still not sure why you contacted me other than you wanted to vent your hatred but for the record my words will go on my blog.  That way they can't be misconstrued.

While you state how much money you make and "I am on the Executive Board for the Republican County, Secretary and State Central Alternate me the voting rights that will matter for my State and about you??......"  That only means you cast the vote, not select the candidates or set policy.  To answer your question, I have become a human rights activist to ensure people like your son don't suffer the injustices that others have.  A human rights activist, not just a civil rights activist because civil rights implies race and everyone should have equal rights and protection under the law.  Even you.



November 25, 2007



Your whole blog is nothing but grandmother read the letter you wrote about my son.  You also said that you were prejudice because you were raped my a guy when you were in Jamaica.

All I have to say is are trying to make yourself look like a victim, that is just sick.  You were the reason my dad killed himself, you also took our dad's life insurance policy that was for me and my sister and spent it all on gambling and marrying a guy right after my dad died. I really don't care about money and all that since it has no meaning for me.  I do think your a selfish, thoughtless person that thinks only about herself, and not the four (or more), kids she left behind.  I think we all ended up better off, then in your care.  I have heard many stories, that can be backed up by proof of your neglect. 

The dad who molested me, was a victim himself.  I, and my sister forgave him.  I have a decent relationship with him, and least he did not run and cower, but faced the fact and got himself help.

My son, who is African American, is a very successful musician.  He has supported himself for the past three years, has graduated from High School, and is planning college this year.

My daughter is on the A honor roll in Junior High, and my youngest son is following in her footsteps.

My 16 year old is planning college, promoted to a Bi-lingual Crew Trainer at his job, and is doing well in school.

I have tried diligently to be a good mother to my children, and have been by their side through all their achievements, tears, hardships and all the things that come with being a loving, devoted mother.

I may have made mistakes when I was younger, but have grown in maturity and educated myself so that I can better help my family and Country.

I was dumb founded when you said that I did not protect my sister from the abuse my father put her through. How could a child stop an adult?? I also was not aware she was abused until I was 17 years have no clue what I was thinking.  Don't flatter yourself thinking that I could control or predict something I was not aware of.

By the way, I heard from countless people about when and what type of drugs you were taking.  Why do you lie to people??  Your drug use has affected all of us children in a way that you could not imagine.

And, yes I am proud of who I am.  I am not ashamed of being Native American.  I am not ashamed of my son being African American....I love people for who they are, and forgive the mistakes they don't always realize affects others.

I don't acknowledge you as my mother, or my children, as their grandmother.  The mother whom I have known, and has been there countless times, through tears, hardship, and other countless, unimaginable events, is Sharon.  She may not have been perfect, but never gave up on us, even though others would have liked her to.  She is my mother, my mother whom I love and depend on.  She is the grandmother that my children know and love.  That is all we need.  I am loved and I love others.  I do not hate you, or anyone.  I just feel pity that life has been so hard and your heart has never overcome the atrousities.  I have never been messed up on drugs, because I wanted to keep my feet on the ground, and level headed to make wise decisions.  I may have been young, naive, and made bad choices, but I changed that.  I made a better life for me and my family.  I am not selfish...I want a better world for me, my family, and others that will tread through a world filled with violence, hate, and that they too, can find love and peace in a world filled with hate.


Cynthia, aka; Cyndi


November 25, 2007

Response:  None needed, she was raised upon hate.  And I only feel sorry for her.  She can't handle the truth.  I don't want her or her family in my life.  I don't need the stress and negativity.  I have had no contact with her or her family since 1969 other than the brief contact in 1989.  And they have had no contact with mine.  She only knows what her grandmother "read" to her.  A grandmother who's son molested her.  I am sure she didn't want the truth to come out.  I entrusted these people to take care of my children.  But instead they abused, molested and promoted hatred, bigotry and lies.  I was hurt and angry at these people, and I wanted to hurt her grandmother for not protecting my children.  For allowing her son to molest both my children.  I don't remember the exact words I wrote in 1989 after a nervous breakdown.   But I do remember the context.  I don't know what other people told her.  People who also don't know me.  And I don't care.  I live my life openly and honestly.  I made my mistakes when I was twelve and thirteen. Cindy was born when I was fourteen.  Two sides to every story.

"Others may hate you, but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them in return.  Then you loose yourself in the process."

~Richard Millhouse Nixon"


November 25, 2007

Like my husband David says, "if you are being sexually abused (or abused in any other way) all you have to do is tell an adult."  I think if you allow it to continue for 15 years and only come forward after you find out it is happening to your sister, then you share some responsibility.  I knew the difference between right and wrong when I was seven years old.  She seems to think a pedophile can be helped and it is somehow understandable and acceptable.  I can't help but thinking the only reason she came forward after she was seventeen was sibling jealousy.  Perhaps she enjoyed it and didn't want her sister having what she had.  I wonder how many other children were molested by this man because of her complicity.  If you are being abused come forward.  Someone will help.  Although she has forgiven Arnold and he "got help", I can't help thinking that he only got help because I outted him to his mother.  I doubt that it was voluntary.

Her son makes a living as a musician.  He is not fighting in (her) Bush's Republican war.  She lives with all the privileges of being an American but with none of the risks.  Only when her son is put in harms way, when the Bush's daughters are put in harms way, then and only then can they know what true sacrifice is. 

Cindy states "I have never been messed up on drugs, because I wanted to keep my feet on the ground, and level headed to make wise decisions."  And it is possible that shacking up with a drug dealer she didn't do drugs but that is not what she told me in 1989.  Few people who don't do drugs know drug dealers.

But it really boils down to money.  She states " You were the reason my dad killed himself, you also took our dad's life insurance policy that was for me and my sister and spent it all on gambling and marrying a guy right after my dad died."  I was the sole beneficiary on a $10,000 life insurance policy through David's job at Burmite Powder Plant.  Arnold and Sharron because they were related to David, continued to receive David's Social Security dependant payment until both girls were 18.  Even in 1969 funerals were not cheap.  When I received the check I immediately repaid the Jacobson's for their son's funeral and repaid my mother for paying for the plot.  I bought a sofa, the first new piece of furniture I had ever owned.  I paid my rent and bought groceries.  And yes I got married in Vegas.  And I spent money on lawyers and bail for my husband Jack.  Like any wife, fearing for her life would do.  And even though Arnold was working, and they were receiving Social Security for my two children, Sharron called me up wanting money to pay for her glasses.  Not glasses for my children, which I would have gladly paid for, but glasses for herself. 

For the record in 1967 both David Jacobson and his father Ivan Jacobson supported George Wallace and both were openly racist.

I hope Cindy gets the counseling she needs. It is obvious that she needs some. I see a very bitter woman who wants to blame everyone else for her life. It is time to take responsibility for her life.

Let me reiterate.  I have had no contact with her or her family since November 1969 other than the brief contact in 1987.  I never said I was raped by a Jamaican or any other dark skinned person.  I never went to Jamaica.  I said I was sexually harassed by a man in the Bahamas.  There is a difference between sexual harassment, molestation and rape.  And I didn't say I was prejudice.   I said I was raised prejudice.  You can't change how you were raised, only who you become.  But she can believe what ever she wants.  I have tried to make a difference in the world around me.  She promotes hate.  Judge for your self.  I will be blocking her email at the server level. 

In all fairness, I did not raise my children.  I gave them up to protect them from an abusive drug user who threatened to kill them.  I did what I had to do to protect my children. Unfortunately, as Cindy (this daughter) later told me her Uncle that adopted her molested her.  Her mother used her as a servant and beat her.  Cinderella?  Her 21 year old son she refers to in the email was born as a result of her cohabitating with an African American drug dealer who abandoned her before the baby was born.  Obviously a person of color she said she was going to raise Brandon as white and not tell him of his heritage.  I have no problem with his ethnicity, I found not telling him offensive.  All children should know their heritage.  Weather its African American, Native American, adopted or what, every child has a right to know who they are.  And no parent should deny their child that right.  No parent has the right to lie to their child either.  Honest answers are always the best in the long run.  Lies are always exposed, often where you least expect it.  As a Native American I was raised as "white" with the knowledge that I was Native American.  Our people experienced the same bigotry that the African American did.  We still do to some extent.  Recently I was discussing the boarder issue with an acquaintance I am friendly with.  He said we need to thank the Veterans for protecting our culture.  I asked him "What culture?  The Native American?  That culture is pretty much dead."  He said "the Constitutional culture."  Yet everybody forgets that the Constitution was based upon the Iroquois Tribal Government.  I told him the reason we want to protect the borders from the Mexicans was because of the color of their skin.  And asked why we aren't protecting our Canadian border.  He said it's because the Canadians don't come over and cause trouble.  I guess he forgot that 5 of the September 11th highjackers entered the country through Canada.  Americans forget that Mexicans are Native Americans also.  The Europeans took California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico from the Mexican government through aggression.  I was raised with the same bigotry and hatred.  My father made Archie Bunker look liberal.  He hated African Americans, Mexicans, Italians, Jewish people, Native Americans, etc.  In short I believe he hated himself.   You can't change how you were raised, only who you become.  And yet too often when threatened we (human beings) revert to that same bigotry.  As a child I was told that they "would kidnap and rape you."  I remember in fifth grade when an African American boy of about the same age reached under my dress and tugged at my panties.  When I reported it to the teacher I was blamed for the incident.  This young child played into my belief system.  The system I was raised with.  The teacher gave me my first understanding of inequity.   Throughout my life I have experienced sexual harassment from Caucasian, Hispanic and African American men.  The difference is when you tell them no . . . In my experience the Caucasian man will have a very badly bruised ego and seek consoling from their friends with "I didn't like her anyway."  The Hispanic man will tell his friends "She really wants me."  And the African American man will continue to try telling you, "You really want me."  When I was working I was working.  I was not there to get laid.  I resented the constant harassment.  Again these few men played into the fears I was raised with.  People should get as mad at the people who play into the stereo types rather than hate the people who are victims of that stereo type.  But we can't loose our sense of humor either.

A few years ago I was on a bus going from San Francisco to Sacramento.  It was during the Greyhound strike in I believe 1989 or 1990.  I got the last seat on the bus next to an African American man.  Within minutes of pulling out of the station he began stroking himself, saying "I don't mean to bother you maam but" (to get my attention) and lick his lips in an obscene gesture.  I was terrified.  I had never been on a bus before, the bus driver was a substitute.  He didn't even know how to get to the station and had to get directions from the passengers.  I didn't want to inflict this man on anybody else or start a riot.   I was the first one off the bus and immediately filed a complaint with security.  I was told later he pled guilty to the charges.  I realize now that he wasn't an asshole because he was African American, he was just an asshole but again he played into my fears and upbringing. 

I have met some very nice African American people too.  I was married at John Lee Hooker's house.  My doctor is African American and a descendant of Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall.  Rather than drive 25 miles to town to see a local doctor, I drive over two hours to see this doctor.  Dr. Granville Marshall is the victim of a racially motivated hate crime.  The year is 2007, not 1960.  We can't forget the Jena Six either.  When a person is born of mixed race they are forced to choose, usually based upon physical characteristics.  What if a child were 1/4?  1/4 African American, 1/4 Native American, 1/4 Hispanic and 1/4 Caucasian?  Respect would allow them an understanding of all four cultures.

Recently, at the SFVAMC, I was told to assimilate.  The Native American Lost the war.

There is a difference in Bigotry based upon Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Bigotry based upon hate.  I have neither.  I grew up a long time ago.  I do not hate Cindy's father for hitting me either.  He was as much a product of his environment as she is hers.  I remember her Grandfather dragging her Aunt out of a bar with a gun.  He and his wife conceived prior to marriage as did several of their children.  I don't care.  I just don't like the lies and hypocrisy that these people are putting out.

David and I went to church weekly as well as bible school.  It was an Interdenominational Church that his parents attended.  The year was 1969.  I don't remember the preacher's name but I do remember his words.  They were filled with hate and bigotry.  He claimed to own one of the few "original copies of the Jewish Talmud."  Although he never produced this book he claimed it was full of Devil Worship and all "Jews" were Satanists.  The government was getting ready to collect the 1970 census.  He told his parishioners that they should hide from the census takers.  This was "Big Brothers" way of keeping tabs on you.

Bigotry, hate and intolerance are results of ignorance and sometimes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  It doesn't matter if that ignorance is a result of upbringing, environment or religion.  The hatred must stop. 

But this is not about me or my children but about the politics and the hate that the right wing has for anyone whose opinion differs from theirs.

Is it any wonder I prefer four legged children?

My personal political views can be better understood in
An Open Letter to the President

Side note:

Help us repatriate Geronimo. According to this story about the secret
Skull and Bones Society (an intimate peak at the US Ruling Class) Geronimoís skull is with these people. If, after reading this story, you are as appalled as I am, we ask you to express your opinion to President George W. Bush and ask that he personally take responsibility to return Geronimo to us. This has gone on long enough. We want his remains returned.


Drugs and Pharmaceuticals:


I am allergic to most drugs, intolerant of others.  I suffered a seizure on Paxil and was often suicidal.  It took me two years to get of these so called non-addictive drugs.  I don't do drugs.  Now that I no longer take Paxil, I am no longer suicidal.  They say the suicidal thoughts are in teens and young adults.  I am 55 years old.  I suffered from depression all the time I was taking their drugs.  I have been off Paxil for about 5 years now.  I am no longer suicidal.  The only pharmaceutical I use currently is an asthma rescue inhaler.  I occasionally take a baby aspirin.  I have been prescribed Paxil, Welbutrin, Zoloft, Ritalin (pure speed), Seconal, Tuinal, Valium, Quaaludes, Librium, Thorazine, Lithium, Elavil, Tofranil etc. etc.  When your husband commits suicide the doctors are convinced you are depressed.  Most doctors don't know the difference between clinical depression and situational depression.  If you are happy you are manic.  If your husband is beating you everyday and you see no hope you have a right to be depressed.  And drugs won't resolve those problems.  What will resolve the problem and ultimately the depression is getting out of the situation that causes the depression.  But doctors would rather take the easy way out and prescribe a pill.  Doctors need to be held accountable for over prescribing drugs as well as reporting domestic abuse.  As a society we have become conditioned to accept what the doctor says as right but each year tens of thousands of people die because of doctors mistakes.  But I believe what you put into your body is your own choice.  Nobody else's.  If you want to take all the drugs the doctor's prescribe go ahead.  I don't.  I don't support forcing our children to take Ritalin either.  When I posted these comments to AARP One grandmother told me that they were forcing her grandchild to take Ritalin to be allowed to stay in school.  She said her granddaughter didn't like the effects and stopped taking them.  The only way she could stay in school is to lie and say she was still taking them.  I have taken Ritalin.  It is as pure of a speed as methamphetamine is.  What will the long term health ramifications be?  I know speed users with brain damage and others whose teeth are so rotted that they have dentures at 30.  I know others that pull their own teeth as they rot out.  My question is what effect is Ritalin going to have on their teeth?  I have seen more of life than most.




We need Healthcare for everybody not health insurance for everybody.  Having health insurance doesn't guarantee care, nor does it guarantee the bills will be paid.  A few years ago when I was working and I tried to get David into private healthcare, I received a letter from my insurance company saying that his treatment was obviously related to an accident and they wanted the details so they could recover their money.  I told them to contact the governments of Laos, Cambodia and Viet Nam.  Private doctors have no idea how to treat the veteran.  After more than one misdiagnosis I took David back to the VA for all his healthcare.  Even that has not been without its problems.  I was forced to become not only a patient advocate but a political activist.  I have health insurance but until recently could not find a doctor that would accept it.  If we took the money that goes into health insurance combined with the money that is written off in unpaid medical bills, we could have healthcare for everybody.  We are already paying for socialized medicine for the Veterans, the elderly and the uninsured.  It is time we afford healthcare to everybody.


David's Medical Care


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