Tiffany Montaño

11997 Oro Quincy Hwy.

Berry Creek, CA 95916-9780




Artist Statement


You can live in a world without art but frankly, who would want to.


It is my belief that true art invokes an emotion.  There are many beautiful pictures, photographs, paintings and digital pieces that are soon forgotten after they are viewed.  I have tried to produce art that you will remember, to evoke emotion, to make the viewer ask questions.  I have tried to do the same with my poetry.  In the end, it will be you, the viewer, who will decide if my work is remembered.  If my work is art.  Or if it is merely paints a pretty picture. I took a sabbatical from art because I could not produce through photography, painting or combining the two, the vision I had.  I took photographs and squirreled them away until digital technology caught up with my imagination.  Photo papers were difficult to work with and photo chemicals are environmentally hazardous.  It was messy.  I was unable to produce a product that had longevity as well as something I would be proud to put my name on.  I didn’t want to just be the “next Ansel Adams”. . .  I became discouraged with Giclée prints. Papers were not as represented. It was difficult to produce what I had in my mind so I began combining Giclée prints with oils and finally I have returned to painting with oils.

~ 2007 Tiffany Montaño ~