Beauty and the Boogie Man
San Francisco, California


Signed 1 of 1 Fine Art Giclée Print


art 12” x 14.5” printed on Epson Professional Matte 13” x 19” paper

finished dimensions of  22 inches by 25 inches

  Comes framed and preservation mounted with UV protected glass


Registered at The National Fine Arts Registry


art registration ID: PD010304517






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We are sorry to announce on June 21, 2001 our good friend John Lee Hooker Passed away in his sleep. He packed the house for one final send off. Good Bye my dear friend.

Limited Edition (100) Miniature Fine Art Print with Poetry

The Boogie Man


Seems like just the other day

My friend the Boogie Man went away

A life he lived was not too long

A life he told us in a song


A man I knew like no other

A man of color who saw no color.

Always there with an open heart.

Always there to give a start.


I went one final time to see him play

He sang his song he said I’m going away

I’m going to buy me a tombstone

I’m tired and I’m ready to go.


He packed them in for one final show

They all came to see him go

A funeral procession, a line of cars

To guide his spirit to the stars.


Goodbye John Lee


Tiffany Montaño ©2001

This poem and many of my other poems can be found in my new book Reflections in Poetry.




Beauty and the Boogie Man
San Francisco, California


Beauty and the Boogie Man
San Francisco, California


This photograph of John Lee was taken December 6th, 1997, at our wedding reception.  Beauty was my matron of honor and John fell madly in lust with her.  She represents all the beautiful women John loved.  We got married at John’s house in Los Altos and had our reception at the Boom Boom Room in San Francisco where this photo was taken.  When we asked John if we could get married at his house he told David, “Oh you goin’ to jail.  Why you want to do that?  I just got out”  David told him “She’s a good one, she lets me play my music and even encourages me.”  John told him “You got a keeper.”  I didn’t get to know John Lee as well as David did but I remember him as a sweet man who tried to mentor all the young musicians.  And his hands were as soft as marshmallows.  I have never touched such soft hands.  The only thing I can think that was softer was John Lee’s heart.  We miss you, John Lee.