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By selecting one of the thumbnails below you can view a larger slide show and find out details about each fine art print or perhaps discover some of my poetry.

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Previous Exhibits:

2nd INTERNATIONAL ART FESTIVAL "CHANIA 2004" UNDER THE AIGIS OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF CHANIA PAINTING, MIXED MEDIA, SCULPTURE, PHOTOGRAPHY, DIGITAL ART, INSTALLATIONS Omma Center of Contemporary Art, together with the Municipal Government of Hania, Crete, Greece and DI.PE.H (Public Cultural Organization), are organizing the second International Art Festival from June 24, 2004 through July 9, 2004 at the NEORIA public exhibition center in the Old Town of Hania. The exhibition space, a converted 15th century vaulted Venetian shipyard, is over 4000 square meters in area. It will be the largest art exhibition ever held in Hania and one of the largest ever held in Greece, and will be covered accordingly by the local and national media.


Friday, December 19, 2003 - Sunday, January 25, 2004
- the Cherokee Assay Office -
Friday, June 20, 2003 - Sunday, July 27, 2003
- Jacob's Ladder -
The Chico Art Center

Friday, December 05, 2003 - Saturday, December 27, 2003
- September 11th with Poetry - Trail of Tears - Scottie's Castle Revisited - ? War -
Agora Gallery SoHo, New York City

November 4th 6:00 PM to 2:00 AM
The Sub Lounge San Francisco, CA
628 20th St

August 2003 through October 2003
- the Cherokee Assay Office - Stump/Dark Angel -
The Saint George Salon of Art St. George Hotel in Volcano California



“I really dug your art work...  glad you are making art... keep up the beautiful work.”

Christopher Fabbri , SF/EastBay CA

Sub Lounge San Francisco, CA


“. . . very powerful.”


“The digital images that you have provided reveal the full measure of

expression as prescribed by the skillful navigation of the medium.  Today's  advanced technology is in many ways the current art movement. Your work amplifies the fusion of your creative and expressive abilities with that of this new and exciting medium.  Wonderful work.”

Angela Di Bello

Director Agora Gallery

415 West Broadway, New York, NY 10012


I LOVE 'Trail of Tears'!!” 

Doreen Erhardt

Owner/Director Salon of Art

Volcano, CA



“Awesome graphic, well done!”

Darrell Palmer – Artist/Photographer


“Exquisite imagining, we love your unique style!”

 Nicole Goldberger, Creative Consultant

1-800-303-2977x 287



Artist Statement


It is my belief that true art invokes an emotion.  There are many beautiful pictures, photographs, paintings and digital pieces that are soon forgotten after they are viewed.  I have tried to produce art that you will remember, to evoke emotion, to make the viewer ask questions.  I have tried to do the same with my poetry.  In the end, it will be you, the viewer, who will decide if my work is remembered.  If my work is art.  Or if it is merely paints a pretty picture. I took a sabbatical from art because I could not produce through photography, painting or combining the two, the vision I had.  I took photographs and squirreled them away until digital technology caught up with my imagination.  Photo papers were difficult to work with and photo chemicals are environmentally hazardous.  It was messy.  I was unable to produce a product that had longevity as well as something I would be proud to put my name on.  I didn’t want to just be the “next Ansel Adams”. . . Each piece is culmination of a lifetime of work and unless noted is a one of a kind art piece. Each limited edition of 100 has further been limited by my initial printing. I would rather each piece to be unique. I became discouraged with Giclée prints. Papers were not as represented. It was difficult to produce what I had in my mind so I began combining Giclée prints with oils and finally I have returned to painting with oils.

In Portfolio 1  I have included mostly what I consider pretty pictures.  Portfolio 2 shows the beginning of much of my digital work including Beauty and the Boogie Man a tribute to our friend the late, great John Lee Hooker, the father of the Boogie.   Portfolio 3 brings you into the light where Portfolio 4 takes you not only into the horrors of war but also a glimpse into the past with the monochromatic “the Blacksmith’s Bellows”.  Portfolio 5 goes back to the earlier days mostly of photography. Portfolio 6 begins my drawings and it is within this series I begin to combine Giclée and oil. In Portfolio 7 and Portfolio 8 I have begun commenting on the Native American history and making political statements. I have continued my political views in oils at Portfolio 9 and Portfolio 10   and Portfolio 11. My selection of Bin Prints was planned as a limited edition series but was discontinued as was The Kokopelli Collection and The Elder Collection and also The Poetry Collection. Whatever has been printed is the end. Just too much bookkeeping. I would rather concentrate on my art rather than on the accounting.

Although you can view the slide show and enjoy my art, many of the pieces have poetry that adds to the mood of the piece and tells some of the meaning behind the art.  By clicking on the thumbnails I hope to enhance not only your understanding of the art but of my world.  Each page is a unique surprise.  See what treasures you can find and enjoy the journey into my world. In the end, I do my art to please me.  If it also pleases you that is only icing on the cake.



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Due to the differences between monitors, light and reflective properties of paper,

color may vary slightly from what is viewed via the internet.

Please allow three weeks for custom mounting and framing.

Some of my Opinions The opinions on these pages are solely my own views.


Side note: (Help us repatriate Geronimo. According to this story about the secret Skull and Bones Society (an intimate peak at the US Ruling Class) Geronimo’s skull is with these people. If, after reading this story, you are as appalled as I am, we ask you to express your opinion to President George W. Bush and ask that he personally take responsibility to return Geronimo to us. This has gone on long enough. We want his remains returned.)

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